Tuesday 23 October 2012

Motion control at Robot Show!

Network Controller, Application Software, and new and expanded products

For over 20 years Elmo has provided the robotics industry with comprehensive, powerful, precise, safe, and durable motion control solutions ― a selection of which are being shown at the RoboBusiness Leadership Summit 2012 (Pittsburgh, PA, U.S., Oct. 22-24).

Gold Maestro
Their solution comprises a multi-axis network controller (Gold Maestro) that handles up to 100 axes and supports EtherCAT and CANopen; the Elmo Application Studio (EAS) design environment that can program, tune, configure, optimize, set-up, and network any single and multi-axis servo drive application; and three lines of high-density servo drives that are compliant with a wide range of industry standards and protocols.

It allows Elmo to accommodate efficiently and consistently the automated motion requirements of any application with any level of complexity, any level of precision, any motion or combination of motions, any power requirement, any voltage, any servo drive motor, any environment, and any feedback.

To continue to do so, Elmo invests heavily in R&D to develop new solutions and products and to expand existing ones. For example, the Whistle and Gold Whistle servo drive lines now have a 200 V power range, the Trombone 12 A/400 V has been expanded to 16 A/400 V, and the Gold Trombone 8 A/800 V to 12 A/800 V.

These products can be explored at Elmo's booth, as well as the new, 65 kW Gold Drum HV 100 A/800 V servo drive ― an ideal servo drive for high, power demanding industry applications, varying from machine tools, big Gantry systems, spherical robot arms, pick and place machines, and many others. It provides exceptional power/volume and servo performances, incomparable to any other solution available in the market today.

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