Thursday 25 October 2012

Tracking modules!

Vehicle tracking modules deliver high application performance and reliability plus direct manufacturer support for best cost-of-ownership

Astra Telematics has launched its latest generation of modules, using state-of-the-art GPS and processing technologies to support cutting-edge capabilities and benchmark power efficiency.

The AT240 and AT110 modules combine the highly accurate and sensitive SiRFStar IV GPS module with a high-performance low-power ARM® Cortex™-M3 processor and the Telit GE865 GSM/GPRS modem. Ultra-efficient power management, designed in-house by Astra, enables the modules to remain awake continuously without imposing excessive drain on the vehicle battery.

“Our new modules provide up to the minute features and are designed, built and directly supported by Astra allowing customers to achieve outstanding performance, reliability and competitive cost of ownership,” said Phil Vella, managing director, Astra Telematics.

The modules support a wide variety of telematics functions. External interfaces include CAN2.0B plus digital and analogue I/Os for connecting devices such as temperature sensors. The CANBus interface supports FMS2.0 which provides a variety of useful data such as fuel consumption, and OBD2, which is mainly for vehicle service/diagnostics information. An embedded MEMS accelerometer to allow monitoring of driver behaviour (acceleration, braking, cornering), collision detection, tow alarm and “wake on motion” power management. Users can also optimise settings such as SMS limits, GSM roaming and reporting intervals, and set device-based geo-fencing for applications such as tracking high-value goods. The modules also support convenient iButton operator authentication, and offer schedule based immobilisation, based on a 7 day hourly schedule. The unit features five digital outputs or external load switches.

The AT240 is a self-contained module featuring an integrated antenna and a moulded IP67-sealed enclosure designed for easy mounting in automotive applications. The AT110 is a miniaturised module for use with external GSM and GPS antennas, housed in a sturdy aluminium enclosure and ideal for use as part of a larger in-vehicle system. The modules are supplied with full documentation and backed by manufacturer support, enabling Application Service Providers (ASPs) and system integrators to deliver turnkey solutions quickly and ensure low cost of ownership for end users.

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