Wednesday 31 October 2012

World's smallest dc power relay

Omron Electronic Components Europe has the world’s smallest and lightest high capacity DC power relay, aimed specifically at hybrid and fuel cell cars and other electric vehicles. The relay is also ideal for other DC power applications in renewable energy and industrial systems.

Known as the G9EN, the new relay is half the size (28x40x50mm) and weight (140g) of previous comparable Omron relays; a breakthrough achieved using newly developed proprietary sealing technologies and new magnetic control methods. The new relay also features a non-polarized contact circuit which not only helps make it smaller and lighter, but also simplifies the wiring and mounting in vehicles and other systems.

Commenting, Mark Jones, COO of Omron Electronic Components Europe, said, “The G9EN was developed in partnership with clean energy car manufacturers and addresses their need for greater circuit design flexibility and components that enable down-sizing and weight reduction of on-board electrical equipment.”

Although the G9EN was designed for hybrid and electric vehicles, their chargers and accessories, its’ characteristics also make it ideal for a number of other applications. These include feeder circuits and condensers for fuel cell and solar power systems and in dc-powered industrial equipment such as elevators, industrial robots and testing devices.

Design features enabling the size and space reduction include changing the ceramic sealing construction from a conventional box-shaped ceramic case to a combination of ceramic plating and metal casing. The unique, non-polarized main terminal means that the G9EN is suitable for use in applications requiring two-way current flow. It also means it is not necessary to consider the mounting direction or the orientation of the device, making wiring and mounting much easier, and reducing the risk of incorrect wiring.

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