Friday 19 October 2012

Safety and user friendliness in process instrumentation.

CombiSeries sets new standards in process instrumentation

Baumer's CombiTemp (li.) and CombiPress
with new CombiView display provide
safety and user friendliness in process
Baumer is taking functionality, safety and flexibility in process instrumentation to a whole new level with its new CombiSeries. The first two models in this new series, namely the CombiPress pressure transmitter and the CombiTemp temperature gauge are already available for the market. Both products can be combined with the new CombiView display generation and thus provide maximum customer benefit. Together with the stainless steel hygienic housing that was also newly developed, the measuring instruments can be set up and utilized according to the individual needs of the user, for example, in the food industry.

The CombiView display is impressive with its presentation of all necessary and desired information at a glance. In terms of the display's visual mode, the user can choose from several different types: analog, digital or illustration. The large display also means that users can read the measured values even from increased distances. Furthermore, the background color of the display works like a traffic light system (red/green), depending on whether the measurement results have reached a critical value that requires user intervention. It is incredibly easy to change the settings using the touchscreen display even while the process is running.

The respective housing completes the impressive functions of the new product series. With its protection class IP 69 K and entirely stainless steel design, the hygienic version can withstand even the toughest conditions. In addition, its ability to pivot around two axes facilitates even more installation flexibility.

Reliable and precise measurements are provided by the CombiPress pressure transmitter between -1 and 400 bar and by the CombiTemp temperature gauge between -50 and +400 degrees Celsius.

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