Tuesday 9 October 2012

Remote monitoring of water data

Operating data of water treatment plants can be remotely monitored over a network with the new Process Monitoring System (PMS) from the Siemens Industry Automation Division.

The PMS is particularly suitable for use in swimming pools as well as the treatment of process and drinking water. Up to 32 bus addresses and therefore the same number of systems and devices, such as measuring and control systems, can be connected to the PMS via RS 485 interfaces. The monitoring system transforms the data of the connected devices into easy-to-read tables and graphics which can be called up via a network or the Internet, with special safety precautions in place. The user requires a computer or mobile end device, such as as smartphone or tablet-PC with Internet browser. Changes to all parameters important for water quality are clearly visualized in transparent trend displays. Remote parameter assignment is also possible with special password-protected access. E-mail notifications can also be set up which are then either event-driven or sent at defined times.

The PMS is equipped with a LAN port for connection to the worldwide data network. A version is also available with a 56K analog modem. In addition, the acquired values are saved on an SD card. An archive file is automatically created for each device connected to the PMS. A 2 GB card has sufficient memory capacity to archive all the data from 32 connected measuring and control systems for several years. Files containing data for one month can simply be downloaded for further evaluation and imported into Excel applications or other databases.

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