Thursday 25 October 2012

Co-operation means modern software suite more accessible to Irish market

GE Intelligent Platforms has teamed up with Gilroys to help promote and service GE’s Proficy Software Suite in the Irish Market. The Proficy software suite is developed by GE’s Intelligent Products division and channelled through Kerrco Automation in Ireland and the Britain.
Gayle Walker presenting Premier Solution Certification to Michael Fitzgibbon of Gilroys. Also included are Terry Siggins of GE-IP and Martin Hurley of Gilroys.
“Gilroys’ reputation, highly skilled engineering team and their focus of our software suite was a deciding factor in choosing them as our Premier Solution Provider for the Irish market” said Terry Siggins, Sales Director with GE-IP, at an award ceremony at Gilroys Cork office in Ringaskiddy.

The appointment coincides with the release of Proficy Historian 5.0. Proficy Historian is a powerful, enterprise-wide data historian that collects, archives and distributes tremendous volumes of real-time production information at extremely high speeds. Proficy Historian improves visibility, provides context to raw data, and aggregates islands of information–resulting in better and faster decisions, increased productivity and reduced costs across the enterprise.

A further recent enhancement to the Proficy Suite is availability of Proficy for Sustainability Metrics providing companies with Real-Time Insight into machine and facility energy consumption -- driving an overall reduction of energy. Proficy for Sustainability Metrics collects and displays information from a wide variety of data sources and contextualizes it quickly into cost and greenhouse gas produced. Proficy for Sustainability Metrics can monitor data from potable water, chilled water, electricity, steam systems as well as other independent data sources with easy setup and minimal engineering time.

Gilroys have already delivered Proficy based solutions to MSD, Pfizer, Servier, Wellman International, Tara Mines and a host of Irish manufacturers.

“Backed by GE-IP we see long term sustainable growth for our Irish partner” said Terry Siggins.

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