Saturday 20 October 2012

Wireless monitoring for regulated industries

The monitoring of laboratory, manufacturing or warehousing processes can be labour intensive, involving activities such as collecting and checking data for irregularities and creating reports. Hanwell Instruments have developed a radio telemetry monitoring system, Radiolog, to simplify this task: a base station connects to a server and collects accurate, reliable data from sensors, freely located around the building. The most common parameters measured include Temperature, Relative Humidity and Differential Pressure. The combination of highly robust Radio Protocols, precision sensors and a featured enhanced software package provides a complete environmental monitoring solution at a moderate cost. Users can view both real time and historic data, and alarm parameters can be set to notify users of potential problems. Further, the Radiolog system includes software which conforms to CFR21 Part11 regulations on electronic records and signatures.

Full system IQ / OQ validation protocols have also been developed for the Radiolog system enabling clients to validate and qualify systems with minimum effort. The latest hardware and software designs utilise network communications to create flexible and expandable options, taking advantage of the increasingly connected world. This includes Hanwell’s Radiolog sr-2, a new solution for large and/or multiple sites. Instead of collecting the data at one point, it allows it to be amassed via radio at several locations across a site, utilising Local or Wide Area Network (LAN or WAN) sockets. It can also be used to simultaneously collect data from multiple sites, such as a main building and an outlying store, with all the data displayed as part of the same system. This can be further expanded, with the use of GPRS, and easily used on a much larger national or international basis.

Radiolog Smart is the latest progression of the Hanwell Windows 32bit software. Using the collected data from sensors, such as the sr-2, Radiolog Smart utilises the analysis tools within the software to produce summaries, statistics, graphs and reports. The system administrator can control other users’ access by means of user profiles so each user sees the relevant sensors for their area and an integrated mailing feature means that users can be notified of pertinent alarms via email, voice messaging or SMS.

The need for system calibration and validation is of paramount importance to all industries adhering to today’s quality and regulatory standards. Working in partnership with Instrument Technology, Hanwell have developed the Radiolog System to address these requirements. Utilising Instrument Technology’s patented ’C-Sense’ Calibratable Temperature Sensors and Ametek ATC Series Dry Block Temperature Calibrators the accuracy, stability and calibration of the system is unsurpassed in the field.

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