Tuesday 16 October 2012

Head of Irish Government opens Automation Group's US HQ

During his visit to the US last week,  Mr Enda Kenny TD, Taoiseach, (Head of the Irish Government) officially opened the new US headquarters of Zenith Technologies (Zentek Automation US, Inc.), on Friday last (12th October 2012) in Bluebell, Montgomery County (PEN USA) The Taoiseach was on a trade visit to the United States.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny (left) with
Zenith Founder Brendan O'Regan
at official opening of the US
Zenith Technologies, whose global headquarters are at Ringaskiddy, Cork, is a leading Global Automation and MES Engineering company principally servicing the lifescience industry. Zenith currently employs over 370 people in 14 offices worldwide, with 50 people based in US offices at Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, North Carolina, and California.

Founded in 1998, Zenith expects to double its workforce over the next two years having hired an additional 65 people in Ireland this year alone.

The company provides System Integration, Manufacturing Execution Systems, Managed Services, Consultancy, and ELearning to a large and diverse client base including Amgen, Baxter, BMS, Dow, Grifols, GSK, Merck, Novartis ,Pfizer, and Sanofi.

It was founded in 1998 by Brendan O’Regan and now the company has worldwide revenue of $50M, and US revenues of over $12M. Mr. O’Regan also announced the launch of two new products in the US market on Friday; the Zenith Managed Services Model (ZTMS) and the cloud based Incident Control Room(ICR) offering.

Speaking at the opening, An Taoiseach said:‘I am delighted to officially open Zenith Technologies US Headquarters. Zenith is a leading Irish high-technology company that is achieving strong growth in the US market. Zenith’s success in this highly competitive market is a clear demonstration of how an ambitious company, with an innovative, specialist offering, can compete at the highest levels internationally.
‘It is companies like Zenith that will drive the export growth that will underpin Ireland’s economic prosperity and support valuable Irish jobs. I congratulate Zenith on their operation here in Pennsylvania that will allow them to grow their business in the US market and indeed worldwide’.

The founder and CEO of Zenith , Brendan O’Regan, said: ‘I am delighted to have the Taoiseach of Ireland Enda Kenny TD here today to open our new US headquarters and mark this very significant milestone in our company’s development.

‘I am also very pleased to be announcing the launch of two new products in the US market, the Zenith Managed Services Model (ZTMS) and the cloud based Incident Control Room(ICR) .

‘The Zenith Managed Services (ZTMS) model has been delivering a valuable product in the European region since 2006. This model was developed in response to the Life Science industry requirements to efficiently manage its automation support and optimise the cost of ownership in IT and automation systems. The Managed Services is a new departure for Zenith in the US and is built upon firm experience and successful delivery of value in the European Pharmaceutical Market.

‘The Incident Control Room (ICR) provides independent processes and methods for handling a variety of site incidents encountered during complex processing of pharmaceutical products’, he said.

The Headquarter's opening was attended by a large number of clients and Zenith staff, and US public representatives including Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz and State Representatives Kate Harper and Brendan Boyle.

The company is supported by Enterprise Ireland, the body responsible for the development and growth of Irish enterprises in world markets.
L to R:  Dermot Moynihan, Director, Zenith Technologies, Jim Lehane, Regional Director USA, An Taoiseach Enda Kenny and Brendan O'Regan, CEO, Zenith Technologies and Irish Ambassador to the U.S. Michael Collins

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