Tuesday 16 October 2012

Cool blue!

Rittal Blue e cooling units – how they can benefit you

Rittal’s Blue e cooling units have the same nominal cooling output, physical size and cut-out dimensions as the equivalent Rittal Basic cooling unit and can realize energy savings of up to 45%.
Prices of the vast majority of Blue e cooling units have been reduced from 1 September 2012. The maximum premium compared to the equivalent Rittal Basic cooling unit being 10%. In fact, the Blue e cooling unit is actually the more cost effective solution in 8 instances.

With additional monitoring functions on the 7-segment display that include high condensate level warning, clogged filter mat alarm, enclosure internal temperature and any error messages, the health of the cooling unit can be checked at a glance.

Suites of enclosures that are not divided internally may require multiple cooling units to function as a system. Using the SK BUS system, up to 10 Rittal Blue e cooling units may be connected together in a master and slave configuration.

Adjustment of the minimum cooling setpoint of 20°C and the switching hysteresis in the range 2 10 K, which governs when the unit switches off, is both quick and easy using the buttons mounted on the fascia of the controller. Passcode protection serves to both restrict access and prevent accidental adjustment.

Rittal’s RiDiag II is a useful setting up, diagnostic and data acquisition tool that may be used in conjunction with the TopTherm Blue e cooling unit. Not only does it allow operating settings to be viewed and adjusted, this software can also be used to log equipment data and track performance indicators in real time, displaying them in a graphical format.

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