Tuesday 30 October 2012

New square-bodied ISO cylinder!

The leading international supplier of automation equipment, Festo, has launched the new DSBC range of square-bodied ISO cylinders with innovative PPS self-adjusting air cushioning as standard. The DSBC offers machine builders and end users all the benefits of adjustable air cushioning but without the difficulties associated with set up and without a cost premium.

An out-of-the-box solution for most applications, the DSBC with PPS cushioning system automatically compensates and adjusts for the set speed and mass that the cylinder is moving in a safe and controlled manner. This makes it easier to comply with the safety standards and create set up instructions within the Machinery Directive.

At the core of Festo’s PPS cushioning system is an innovative cushioning boss, which features a combination of U and V-shaped grooves running along its full or partial length. This arrangement allows some of the air to escape at a proportional rate to the inertia of the cylinder as it moves into a closed chamber in the end cap enabling a smooth, reproducible de-acceleration.

“DSBC is the next generation of square-bodied ISO cylinder with economical and controlled PPS cushioning as standard,” says Steve Sands, Product Manager at Festo. “Gone are the days fitters need to manually adjust the cylinder’s air cushioning while the machine is active, or the machine suffers undue wear and tear when cylinders are incorrectly set up. Designers also benefit from this brand new range of DSBC cylinders with a large number of modular variants for adapting to specific environments and applications at a cost-effective price.”

The ISO standard cylinder is available in six diameters up to 100mm and with strokes up to two metre lengths. The wide range of application optimised seal variants include hard scraper rings for dust protection, dry running seals suitable for washdown environments, seals for temperatures down to -40°C or heat resistance up to 150°C and acid resistant seals.

Optional accessories include a square piston rod for protection against rotation; seal options for steady speeds or low friction running, clamping cartridge and end-position locking to prevent cylinder movements even in the event of air failure, as well as ATEX 2G explosion protection with relevant documentation.

Festo’s common parts strategy reduces logistics and manufacturing costs with the end result for the customer of a short leadtime and competitive price. In addition, Festo holds a large number of standard stroke cylinders on the shelf for next day delivery, with special stoke lengths available to order. Costs are held down through the use of a patented piston design utilising an innovative three shot moulding technique which produces the sealing, bearing and magnetic sensor ring into a single high performance piston.

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