Tuesday 9 October 2012

Light curtains

The GL-R Series is the most robust of the market thanks to a metal housing 3 times thicker than the traditional safety curtains (32x38 mm). This new series has been designed to address the problems users are having with safety light curtains. Unique and strong design, quick and easy installation, and yet the highest level of security is provided.

Another unique feature: its thick and robust metal built-in guard protects the lenses (5 mm recess). Thus, the probability of direct impacts on this sensitive part is extremely reduced. Finally, the GL-R Series housing meets IP65/IP67 enclosure ratings. The system offers significant advantages for the user: downtime risks are reduced, no need of expensive additional guarding and finally twisting and misalignment issues are eradicated thanks to the robust design.

These curtains are much easier to install. With the one-line system, no need to connect the transmitter and the receiver to the control panel, because the transmitter receives power from the receiver. Moreover, with the optical synchronisation, the transmitter and receiver can be wired separately. The number of wires is reduced by 72% from 18 to 5 wires, thus reducing installation time and risks of faulty wiring.

Assembly is also simplified: the GL-R Series brackets come pre-assembled, so installation is as simple as sliding them into the mounting track and securing them to the machine.
These mounting brackets have been designed to attach directly to standard extruded aluminum allowing a straight or L-shaped or adjustable angle mounting. The range of detection has been increased up to 15m. On top of these features the GL-R series curtains do not require any additional protection making this system the simplest to install in the industry.

The GL-R series meets the machine safety design standard ISO 13849-1, PLe level of performance. It is the most demanding: Mean time to dangerous failure per hour: 10-8 to < 10-7.
These curtains are also Type 4 and SIL3.

This Series, in keeping with the other Keyence safety light curtains, offers a no dead zone detection, with the first beam emitted 10 mm from each end. There is no need for additional guarding to prevent intrusion on the dead zone detection level.
Many curtains still do not offer this key safety feature. Compared to the models allowing edge detection, the GL-R Series solves the common problem of end brittleness.

Finally, with the 7 segments display errors are more easily and safely identified.
Last innovation, the operation of the GL-R Series can be monitored with a PC. The status of I/O signals including OSSD outputs, override inputs, and error conditions can be checked as well as light intensity. During operation, the monitoring will help to easily identify the causes of an abnormal operation. All error codes and order of occurrence are saved as error history records during operation. This allows for easiertroubleshooting and analysis.

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