Wednesday 31 October 2012

Communications board has new member

Yokogawa Electric Corporation has been named to the The HART® Communication Foundation Board of Directors. Yokogawa has been a member of the Foundation since its inception in 1993 and actively participates and makes valuable contributions on the Foundation’s executive committee, marketing committee and technology working groups. This company one of the industry’s leading suppliers of HART-enabled devices and control systems and joins ABB, Emerson Process Measurement, Endress+Hauser, Honeywell and Siemens as a Foundation board member. Yokogawa will be represented on the Foundation board by Kimikazu Takahashi, Yokogawa Corporate Fellow.

“We are very pleased to have Yokogawa participate on our Board of Directors and contribute their valuable expertise and support to advance HART technology and Foundation programs. We are confident they will be a positive and effective member of our leadership team,” said Ron Helson, Foundation Executive Director, “Yokogawa has a long-standing commitment to HART Communication since launching their first HART-enabled product in 1993. With their extensive knowledge of field instrumentation, control and data acquisition systems, they actively support and advance the integration and communication between HART field devices and host systems. Yokogawa sees HART Communication as one of key automation technologies to help industrial facilities achieve significant increases in efficiency and cost effectiveness. ”

“HART is an important technology for the process automation industry. Yokogawa supports the HART Communication Foundation standards and technologies including WirelessHART® and appreciates the opportunity to participate on the Foundation Board of Directors,” says Takahashi. “We are pleased to take a more active leadership role to promote and advance the use of HART Communication in Japan and Asia-Pacific Region. We are also eager to participate and make positive contributions to advance the Compliance Testing and Registration program for HART host systems.”

He continued: "We also believe Yokogawa will be a good driving force to move forward Wireless Convergence by fully utilising our expertise of two technologies, WirelessHART and ISA100.11a, as we have unique experience in both developing and early adaption of these technologies in our products and recognise that both WirelessHART and ISA100.11a are important and relevant to the market".

Chiaki Itoh, Division Manager of the IA Marketing Headquarters’ Business Planning Division, added that “Being in such a responsible position in the HART Communication Foundation enables Yokogawa to further contribute to the Foundation and the HART Communication technology from both the device and host system perspective”.

Yokogawa recognizes the value and importance of HART technology to its clients and the global automation industry. Yokogawa has invested and continues to invest substantial resources to implement and support HART Communication in both its host systems and field devices. In April, 2010 they introduced wired HART 7 compliant pressure/differential pressure transmitters. Yokogawa is recognized as the second largest HART pressure/differential pressure transmitter supplier in the world.

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