Thursday 11 October 2012

Solenoid valve manual operator

ASCO Numatics has introduced a solenoid valve manual operator that is removable under pressure, enabling faster, easier commissioning and start-up while preventing inadvertent valve movement during plant operation.

It is often considered good practice to include manual operators on solenoid valves to enable functional checking during start-up and commissioning. These operators are then removed prior to the plant being handed over to operations. This prevents potential plant trips or unplanned shutdown. Previously this would have meant depressurising the instrument air systems, a time consuming process and one that can add to the project schedule. The new removable under pressure manual operator from ASCO Numatics can be removed and re-installed while the pipe-work is pressurised, with no loss of line fluid or pressure.

“We believe this is the first solenoid pilot valve manual operator in the market that is removable under pressure,” said Wim Van de Haar, ASCO Numatics’ Marketing Manager for Oil, Gas and Chemicals. “We work closely with our customers to understand the issues that affect them in their day-to-day work. The need for a removable under pressure manual operator was the outcome of one of these customer meetings.”

The removable under pressure manual operator is currently available for the 327 series of solenoid valves. The 327 series is a 3/2 pilot valve used extensively for control valve and emergency shutdown valve piloting. The 327 series is available in a range of body materials and with a selection of solenoid operators and certification. This makes it suitable for use in all of the major markets across the globe and in all hazardous areas.

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