Wednesday 17 October 2012

Wireless for inductive sensors

Wireless transmission module for inductive sensors.

Many mechanical and plant engineers are aware of the problem, for example, in order to query a position, an inductive sensor needs to be attached to a moving machine part. The power and signal cables are extremely complex to lay, however, requiring drag chain cables or abrasive wheels.

This task is easier using a new development from the steute business Wireless range. What is needed is the tried-and-tested inductive sensor from .steute, combined with a new wireless transmission module connected to the sensor via a plug-in connector.

The equally compact and robust module can be mounted very close to the sensor. It transmits the signals emitted by the sensor to a receiver unit, usually installed in the switchbox, via the EnOcean protocol which is both well-established and compatible for industry. Here steute provides different versions, with one, two or four channels. A repeater can also be added.

The distance between the transmitter module and the receiver can be up to 30m indoors and up to 300m outdoors. Power is supplied to the transmitter module by a longlife battery.

Even in adverse environments containing radiating surfaces and other wireless systems, as are often found in industrial firms, these wireless sensors guarantee a high level of transmission security.

The cylindrical wireless inductive sensors are available in three sizes – M12, M18 and M30 – all of them in flush or non-flush versions. In addition, the universal transmitter module can also be connected to other types of switchgear and sensors in order to make them suitable for radio transmission.

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