Monday 29 October 2012

Operations APP

A free app which provides mobile access to information such as operating instructions and technical details, from a smart phone and other mobile devices.

Endress+Hauser has announced an Operations App for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad mobile devices. An Android version will be released soon. The free App lets instrument engineers and maintenance technicians quickly download specific documentation such as operating instructions and technical information for Endress+Hauser instruments and analysers, and data from their Life Cycle Management program.

With Operations App and a smart phone, users can access data wherever they are, and whenever they need it.

The app provides quick and easy access to up-to-date product information and device details such as order code, configuration information, date of production, product status and availability, manuals, and spare part information including exploded view drawings, compatibility and mounting advice.
With the app, a user simply enters the serial number or scans the data matrix code on the device with the phone, and immediately gains access to the information. A user can share information and documents with colleagues by email.

Calibration certificates are also available to registered users.

Life Cycle Management Tools
From a mobile phone, Operations App allows users to access features of the Endress+Hauser Life Cycle Management web-based tools. These tools apply to different life cycles of an instrument installation, and help manage technical and operational information needed by a plant and its maintenance people.

Information in Life Cycle Management simplifies planning for engineering, procurement, installation, monitoring and maintenance. The Operations App allows mobile access to information functions, such as:
• Applicator for selection and sizing of suitable Endress+Hauser instruments
• Installed Base Assistant for management of plant assets
• Automatic documentation handling for Endress+Hauser equipment
• Task Scheduler for scheduling maintenance tasks or managing the installed base
• Logbook for traceability of calibration, repair and maintenance events
• Product status for Endress+Hauser devices for easier migration strategies

TheThe app can be downloaded for free at iTunes.

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