Monday 29 October 2012

High pressure transducers!

From components to contraceptives - high pressure transducers are up to the job

Burst pressure testing to the point of destruction to determine the design limits of components used in many situations is a common aplication for RDP pressure transducers.
Certain components may be critical to the performance of equipment used in industries including aerospace, nuclear, chemical and oil & gas industries where failure can be catastrophic. But components subjected to burst testing regimes can include anything from very high pressure hydraulic hoses through to contraceptive devices, all of which need to be tested using applied pressures to ensure that they meet specification and do not leak. Burst pressure testing is typically performed to determine how much overload a part or system can endure before failure and to determine component design limits. RDP pressure transducers can be combined with E725 digital indicator units to form a system which will allow monitoring of pressure testing to destruction

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