Friday 26 October 2012


The FTIR-based Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS) from Gasmet Technologies, has received approval from TÜV, the international certification body, for the EN 15267-3 standard, which is more recent and more stringent than the existing German Type Approval and QAL1 certificate, EN14181. This means that the Gasmet CEMS is approved for additional calibration ranges and an increased H2O range up to 40%.

Highlighting the importance of this certificate, Gasmet’s Antti Heikkilä says “The ranges for CO, NO, SO2, H2O have been increased and this certificate demonstrates the low, fully compliant, measurement uncertainties that we can achieve. This is a good indicator of the high quality of the analyser, but it also offers practical advantages. For example, the low measurement uncertainties for N2O and CO2 (5% of measuring range or less) mean that the CEMS system can now be used to monitor Greenhouse gases for emissions trading in addition to measuring pollutants for compliance monitoring purposes.”

The TÜV certificate confirms that, following rigorous QAL1 testing, the Gasmet CEMS fully complies with EN15267-1:2009, EN15267-2:2009, EN15267-3:2009 and EN14181:2004. Covering CO, NO, NO2, N2O, SO2, HCl, HF, NH3, CO2, H2O and O2, the certificate confirms the additional calibration ranges for which the Gasmet CEMS is now approved. Gasmet’s corresponding MCERTS certificate will be updated accordingly in the near future.

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