Saturday 20 October 2012

Advanced Monitoring System

P.J. Boner & Company supply, install and calibrate an advanced Wireless Monitoring System from Tektroniks, A typical system comprises of a base station, wireless sensors and if necessary wireless repeaters (range extenders). The wireless sensors sample the monitored factor and send it wirelessly to the base station. If the wireless sensor is not in range of the base station, an optional wireless repeater can be used to forward the message.

The Base Station receives the wireless data and reviews it against set parameters as defined by the customer. If the data falls outside the defined parameters the Base Station activates an alarm notification. All data and alarm notifications are stored to its on-board memory for review at a later date.

The Base Station is a totally stand-alone monitoring system that can be networked via a standard network connection or broadband modem. Networked Base Stations have the ability to email alarm notifications and daily reports. Data can be accessed, viewed and graphed using any standard internet browser.

The systems do not require a dedicated PC or expensive computer software.
The DATAcentre can receive data from up to a maximum of 120 Tektroniks Wireless Sensors, a vast array of environmental factors can be easily monitored.

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