Friday 5 October 2012

Collaboration interfacing fire and gas safety asset systems

Integrated solution provides single maintenance view for safety and process assets, streamlining maintenance work practices and ensuring the availability of safety assets

Det-Tronics EQP safety system
Emerson Process Management has announced support for the Detector Electronics (Det-Tronics) Eagle Quantum Premier safety system within AMS Suite. The integration with Det-Tronics provides AMS Suite users with the ability to monitor both basic process control devices and safety assets such as flame and gas detectors from a single view, streamlining maintenance work practices and ensuring the availability of these critical instruments.

This solution broadens the scope of assets that can be integrated into AMS Suite beyond traditional instrumentation and valves. Utilising the connection between AMS Suite and Det-Tronics S3 software, users are able to view diagnostic information from flame and gas detectors, indicating when maintenance activities such as device calibration or optics cleaning should be performed. Upon clearing these conditions, the S3 software will provide the updated information to AMS Device Manager to update the device history.

"Our users need accurate and timely information on all of their assets. Ensuring safety assets are in good working order when they are needed is critical to protecting the lives and well-being of those in and around customer facilities," said Ron Martin, vice president/general manager of Emerson’s Asset Optimization and Lifecycle Care. "We are committed to expanding the ways we help users make information-based decisions, a commitment we continue to build on."

In an earlier related expansion, Emerson acquired Net Safety Monitoring, a global leader in providing fixed-point safety monitoring solutions, delivering a full range of toxic and combustible gas detectors, flame detectors, ultrasonic gas leak detection, and other specialised safety and security products for hazardous environments. The integration of Det-Tronics software and AMS Suite, and acquisition of Net Safety Monitoring, Inc. provide comprehensive process controls and safety monitoring for the toughest industrial environments.

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