Tuesday 30 October 2012

Quality station inspection systems

Vision systems integrator, Olmec, has introduced the QS and QS+ turnkey, self-contained vision inspection systems as part of the ‘Quality Station’ range. With a footprint of just 1.2 m x 0.7 m, they are easily added to the manufacturing environment to provide in-line inspection. Featuring an integral transport and reject mechanism, they can be used in conjunction with other quality inspection tools such as checkweighers or on their own.

Both the QS and QS+ can accommodate product up to 300 x 300 x 500 mm size and 6 kg weight at rates up to 60 m/minute. The QS is designed to inspect product either from the top or the sides, while the QS+ also allows inspection of the underside of the product. QS and QS+ systems are delivered fully configured and tested for the particular application. Vision experts will discuss the application in detail, then choose the most appropriate camera(s), lighting and reject mechanism and set up all the inspection tools needed before carrying out a rigorous and fully documented off-line testing and acceptance programme prior to installation.

Typical applications for the QS include checking for product assembly completeness, colour or defect analysis, as well as label inspection. Label inspection includes full code reading capabilities including 1D and 2D codes with character verification and even the ability to make calculations from data read from the label to, for example, check that for a given unit price and the weight or volume displayed on the label that the package price is correct.

The QS+ is capable of all of the above inspections, but can also inspect product from below as well, allowing, for example, labels on the bottom of a product to be read and checked for conformity with other labels on the product.

Comprehensive communication links allow easy integration into customers’ production lines as well as providing remote connectivity for fast diagnostics. An intuitive user interface makes it very easy to operate.

Olmec Technical Director, Robert Pounder, commented: “The Quality Station range offers a fresh approach to in-line vision inspection. We’ve utilised our considerable vision systems expertise gained from years of implementing traditional in-line inspection systems to produce a standard product. By thoroughly testing that the Quality Station meets the required inspection criteria before delivery, risk is mitigated for the user.”

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