Wednesday 10 October 2012

Short-travel test probes

New from Peak Test Services, the P360/G-DX is a short-travel high-current test probe capable of carrying currents up to 15 A.

Designed for testing at 3.70 mm centres in limited-space conditions, the new probe is one of the smallest threaded high-current probes on the market, with a tip diameter of only 1.3 mm. Typical applications for the DX head style probe include tests on battery contacts or charging contacts.

The P360/G-DX features a nominal travel distance of 0.8 mm (1.2 mm maximum), and has a nominal spring force of 80 cN (pre-load 50 cN). Pointing accuracy is ±0.1 mm.

The probe incorporates a gold-plated beryllium/copper plunger, a brass gold-plated barrel and receptacle, and a stainless steel spring.

The P360/G-DX probe is available in the Britain and Ireland from Peak Test Services and via a range of appointed distributors worldwide.

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