Friday 26 October 2012

Tiny switch!

Binary-switching, magnetic-field sensitive, electronic cylinder switches of the BMF series from Balluff impress with precise and bounce-free switching response, simple handling and universal use. With the BMF 243, the sensor specialist has now rounded off its product line with magnetic field sensors for space-critical applications.

The new compact sensor offers high performance reserves for cylinders with both weak as well as with strong magnets and con-vinces with high repeat accuracy and small hysteresis. Thanks to its small dimensions of 3,8 x 24 mm 3,0, it is the ideal choice for particularly small grippers and cylinders with C-slots. The bracket is already integrated in the sensor. As a result, no additional mounting bracket is necessary: because it is simply inserted into the slot from above, it can be simply mounted anywhere the insertion point for the slot is obstructed or, for example, is covered by weld splatter and dirt. It fits completely into the cylinder slot without protruding. The switch point is adjusted in seconds using a screwdriver. The BMF 243 is supplied with a cable clip that guarantees optimum strain relief and secure cable routing.

With the miniature sensors of the BMF series from Balluff, designers can implement highly dynamic application concepts in pneumatics that can only be realized with low-weight components that have small space requirements. The BMF 243 compact sensor ideally comple-ments two other Balluff miniature sensors: the BMF 103 and the BMF 303. Now the user can freely select from two mounting concepts, the integrated bracket or mounting by means of an angle bracket in C-slots.

BMF sensors query individual positions, e.g., the end positions of pneumatic cylinders, wear-free and precisely and detect the perma-nent magnet mounted on the piston rod through the non-magnetic cylinder wall. As soon as the piston nears, the output signal switches to the other state.

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