Saturday, April 25, 2015

Conductivity measurement with remote sensor for increased flexibility.

Baumer has added a new model to its range of CombiLyz conductivity meters. In addition to the compact AFI4, the AFI5 version with remote sensor is now also available. This new CombiLyz version includes two individual components: the inductive sensing element and the transmitter with integrated CombiView display. These components can be installed separately from each other and connected via a cable.

Installing the transmitter and inductive sensor separately offers ultimate flexibility in terms of their installation position. Whilst the sensor can be integrated to best effect in the process, the transmitter with an integrated display can be attached in a way that is resistant to vibration. This ensures clear and convenient readability whilst simultaneously extending life time. The transmitter with integrated display CombiView is suitable for wall and tube installation and can therefore be adjusted optimally for any angle. With its resistance for ambient temperatures up to 85°C and reliable, precise measurements even under extreme conditions, the CombiLyz AFI5 has a multitude of uses – especially in limited spaces and for applications with strong vibrations.

Otherwise, the AFI5 has the same reliable technical features as the compact version. With its IP 69 K protection class and entirely stainless steel design, the hygienic version can withstand even the toughest conditions. The CombiLyz can be used for example in CIP and SIP processes, for monitoring concentrations in liquids, or for phase separation of different media. Altogether there are 14 selectable measurement ranges from 500 µS/cm to 1000 mS/cm. This includes the concentration, temperature, current output, switching states and device status in addition to conductivity.

The sensor's measurement results have a maximum deviation of <1 0.3="" 15="" a="" also="" an="" and="" background="" be="" boasts="" can="" changed="" color="" conductivity="" critical="" depending="" display="" easily="" even="" fast="" font="" for="" furthermore="" green="" have="" impressively="" intervention.="" is="" it="" less="" light="" like="" measurement="" measurements.="" measurements="" of="" on="" percent.="" process="" reached="" red="" requires="" response="" results="" running.="" seconds="" settings="" system="" temperature="" than="" that="" the="" time="" touchscreen="" traffic="" user="" using="" value="" whether="" while="" works="">

Friday, April 24, 2015

Peri metering pump.

Designed for smaller municipal water and wastewater systems, the ProSeries-M® M-2 peristaltic metering pump from Blue White, is well suited for injecting the aggressive, and/or viscous chemicals, often used in water treatment.

The thoughtfully engineered Flex-A-Prene® dual-tube assembly is uniquely designed and now available for the M-2. Unmatched tube life and high pressure capability (110PSI) reduces pump maintenance and replacement costs. Multiple patents are pending.
M-2 has an intelligent control system that permits connection to SCADA systems, and other remote controllers.

M-2 features include: exclusive TFD (Tube Failure Detection) system, U.S. Patent 7,001,153 and 7,284,964; a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty; feed rates from .01-15GPH/.28-56.2 LPH; 200:1 turndown ratio; NSF Listed Std.61.

Free data logging and monitoring software.

Mantracourt has announced that it will be now be providing its acclaimed T24LOG100 data logging software free of charge with every purchase of products within its T24 wireless sensor range.

The T24LOG100 software allows the user to view and log up to 100 channels of wireless instrumentation data simultaneously, whilst also offering a range of sophisticated maths functions that will enable engineers to optimise system monitoring and control software.

“The T24LOG100 package has been developed in house, and provides a reliable and accurate solution for the collection of data,” said Kelly Voysey, Marketing Manager at Mantracourt. “This new version has had a makeover in terms of the graphical interface, but it very much retains the intuitive nature of the previous version, and the many intelligent functions and features of the original version.”
Using the T24LOG100, the user is able to display a sensor value in a resizable window and channels can be setup with user-defined algorithms that can be used to calculate a multitude of maths functions. Visual displays and noise indicator alarms can also be set to indicate under and over range, as well as loss in communications. The T24LOG100 can log at a user-defined rate, on demand, on entering and leaving a pre-set overload and during an overload. The data collected is generated in a CSV format, enabling external analysis.

“The T24 wireless instrument range has enjoyed amazing success on a worldwide basis, and the T24LOG100 software has played an important role in this success,” said Kelly Voysey. “We are also able to supply a version of the T24LOG100 software that carries bespoke branding such as company colours, logo etc. However, there will be a charge for this version.”

A three minute video is shown above. This video runs through the T24LOG100 software’s main features, including: simple display with alarms and overload, logging to .csv, web server for remote viewing, report generation and visual mapping.

The T24 wireless telemetry system enables the user to transmit data from sensors such as load cells, temperature, pressure, voltage, current and displacement devices to a wide range of T24 receivers, which provide both analogue and digital outputs. The T24 system allows the user to overcome the limitations of cable systems.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Regulatory monitoring, process control and environmental/safety applications to be strengthened by acquisition!

Gasmet Technologies Oy (Gasmet), one of the world’s leading manufacturers of gas monitoring equipment, is a technology innovator within the environmental instrumentation sector. The company’s products are employed globally in regulatory monitoring, process control and environmental/safety applications by some of the world’s major organisations. With ambitious growth plans, Gasmet recognises the need for significant investment and has therefore agreed the sale of 100% of Gasmet shares, for an undisclosed sum, to Nordic growth capital investor, Alder. Gasmet’s existing management team will continue running the company.

“Climate change and environmental protection represent two of the world’s greatest challenges, so Gasmet is ideally placed to exploit the opportunities that they present. For over 15 years Gasmet has established clear technological leadership in its markets and has built a sound foundation for future growth. This acquisition is a long-term investment to help drive Gasmet‘s future success in accordance with our strategy to support the development of strong Nordic companies in the environmental technology sector,” says Dag Broman, Partner at Alder.

“We are delighted to have secured this investment,” says Gasmet’s resigning Chairman and previous majority owner Dr Petri Jaakkola. “Gasmet has developed innovative, robust technologies that comply with relevant international standards, and we have established a global network of highly trained subsidiaries and distributors that deliver excellent service, so we have a solid platform for growth. Alder has a strong track record in helping environmental technology companies to realise their potential so there is a good fit between the two organisations.”

With longstanding experience in various management positions in the gas analysis market with Sick, Maihak and Durag, Jens Höhne has been appointed the new Chairman of the Gasmet Board. He says: “Combining deep expertise with complete ownership of FTIR gas analysis technology, Gasmet delivers superior value to the environmental and process markets, which creates highly interesting opportunities in both existing and new markets, and I am very excited to be part of the new team to help realise this potential.”

Extended trim range power modules.

Excelsys has introduced their new family of extended trim range powerMods to complement the existing UltiMod and Xgen platforms. These modules; XgM XgN XgP XgQ are available with nominal output voltages of 5V, 12V, 24V and 48V respectively and each can be dynamically trimmed down to 1V. This feature offers unparalleled flexibility to system designers who need dynamic control of output voltages over extreme voltage ranges. With output power levels from 200W to 288W these modules are ideal for a broad range of applications in the Medical, Industrial and other markets.
These new extended trim range power modules expand the existing range of Excelsys powerMods and can be used in any of the UltiMod, Xgen-Ultra Quiet, Xgen-High Power or XF Hi Rel/Mil COTS Modular platforms. These platforms are all certified to EN60950 for Industrial applications and EN60601-1 2nd and 3rd Edition for Medical applications, fully meeting the stringent creepage and clearance requirements, 4KVAC isolation and <300ua 5="" 92="" a="" all="" also="" and="" are="" come="" complete="" compliant="" current.="" deliver="" dips="" efficiencies="" emc="" emission="" excelsys="" f47="" immunity="" interruption="" leakage="" manufacturing="" meeting="" new="" p="" power="" products="" relevant="" requirements.="" semi="" semiconductor="" solutions="" standard="" standards.="" supply="" the="" these="" to="" up="" voltage="" warranty.="" with="" year="">

The XgM, XgN, XgP, XgQ, powerMods can be connected in parallel or series for higher current and higher voltage solutions. Other features include -40°C start up.

Typical applications for Excelsys extended trim range powerMods include Lasers, Imaging and Diagnostic Equipment in the Medical Market along with Industrial Applications including Test and Measurement, Automation, Robotics and Printing.  

Fixture interface for boundary scan for PXI automatic test systems.

The Peak Group has added a new boundary-scan fixture interface to its portfolio of automatic test systems based on its partnerships with National Instruments (NI), GOEPEL electronic and Virginia Panel Corporation (VPC).

The new PXI 1149/VPC(x) Pull-Thru receiver ensures an outstanding signal quality in the interface between GOEPEL electronic's PXI/PXIe SCANFLEX(R) Boundary Scan controllers and test fixtures, and completely eliminates the complication of any kind of manual wiring in the configuration of the interface. 

The new Pull-Thru adapters are designed to improve the integration quality and seamless combination of structural test technologies with functional test in volume manufacturing. As well as the actual JTAG signals, the new Pull-Thru adapter offers additional connections for GOEPEL electronic's dynamic I/O signals for enhanced handling of all Embedded System Access (ESA) technologies. As a result, it provides the ability to test and program highly complex boards, including on-chip flash programming, with significantly reduced test points, in some cases without the use of traditional test points or probes at all.

The new unit is fully compatible with the scalable Mass InterConnect system from VPC using Pull-Thru Receiver series G20, G20x, G40 and G14x. Using this option, users can now easily combine JTAG/Boundary Scan with the PXI Interface Test Adapter (ITA) solutions from VPC to create a high performance reliable fixture interface.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Always the right connection.

For more than 15 years, Pepperl+Fuchs has been offering exactly the right connection technology for your automation solution. Whether in the field of mechanical engineering, welding, material handling, mobile applications, or in the process industry—we supply connection technology tailored perfectly to your application.

Connectivity portfolio from Pepperl+Fuchs
M8 and M12 round plug connectors, as well as valve connector cordsets, multichannel junction blocks, and Y splitters, are standard components in the automation sector. With over 500 employees, Pepperl+Fuchs has been producing connection technology in all conceivable variations to the highest quality standards for more than 15 years. In our Competence Center in Hungary, Pepperl+Fuchs houses the entire injection molding technology arm of the corporate group, producing customer-specific solutions and ready-made plugs too in highly competitive conditions.

With perfectly connected global logistics, all connectivity products are produced at the site in Hungary in LEAN optimized processes. Gold-plated and gas-tight crimped contact pins ensure the highest vibration resistance and durability of products. The automated 100% inline functional check and the use of high-quality materials and lines from renowned German and European manufacturers guarantee the familiar quality of Pepperl+Fuchs.

With our distribution centers in Mannheim, Singapore, and the United States, we stock a wide range of connectors for customers worldwide, delivered quickly and dependably, within Europe for instance in just 48 hours. We produce and deliver non-stock variants within two weeks.
With our wide range of connectivity products, Pepperl+Fuchs offers connection technology for many applications. Pepperl+Fuchs provides reliable sensors and connection technology from a single source—genuine added value for your supply chain.

Research centre for wireless, RF and M2M technology in Shanghai!

In support of a wider company strategy to develop the design-led technology business, Stadium United Wireless has opened an R&D Centre in Shanghai’s Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park for the development of wireless ‘machine to machine’ (M2M) products.

The Shanghai Regional Design Centre (RDC) will focus on research and development in Wireless M2M connectivity for global OEM products in automotive, retail, medical and security. Driven by the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) that continues to stimulate demand, the M2M space is forecast for high growth.

Tony McFadden, Managing Director Stadium United Wireless commented: “The Shanghai RDC is an exciting move for Stadium that both strengthens our wireless capabilities and gives us access into new markets. We have recruited a highly experienced team including design engineers and field application engineers, specialized in wireless, RF and M2M technology. The RDC features a working laboratory with the necessary equipment and processes in place to deliver high quality design and test solutions.”

China is one of the fastest growing markets for IoT applications and is forecast to be the largest growth market over the next 5 years with the country set to invest 5 billion yuan ($800 million) into the IoT by 2015. The Ministry of Information and Technology estimates China’s IoT market will hit 500 billion yuan ($80.3 billion) by 2015, then double to 1 trillion yuan ($166 billion) by 2020.

Tony continued: “Stadium’s presence in China, delivered by the new RDC and the existing established manufacturing facility in Dongguan, positions the company to capitalize on a growing market opportunity and expand further into the Asia Pacific market.”

Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park has been selected as the location for the RDC office. Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park covers an area of 120 km² on the Pudong side of the city. It is host to a large number of industries including integrated circuits, software, biopharmaceuticals, bankcards, information security, semi-conductor illumination, cultural originality and modern agriculture etc. A significant number of multinationals also have their research and development centres located on this Hi-Tech park (i.e. Infineon, GE, Honeywell, DUPONT, Lenovo, HP etc.). The talent pool in Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park for electronics engineering and related skills is the best in Asia with a vast pool of experienced skilled doctorates and graduates.

Monday, April 20, 2015

In-vehicle serial bus options on oscilloscopes!

Yokogawa has added new trigger and analysis options to its DLM2000 (4-channel) and DLM4000 (8-channel) mixed-signal oscilloscopes (MSOs) for testing the latest generation of in-vehicle serial buses. The new options are specifically designed to address the measurement challenges posed by the CAN FD (CAN with Flexible Data Rate) and SENT (Single Edge Nibble Transmission) bus systems. 

CAN FD is a higher-speed version (up to 8 Mbit/s) of the original CAN Bus designed to provide a faster, more reliable and cost-effective solution to the challenge of the increased amount of data traffic in automotive applications such as firmware updating for ECUs (electronic control units).

SENT is a point-to-point scheme for transmitting signal values from a sensor to a controller. It enables high-resolution and composite data transmission with a lower system cost in applications such as angle sensors for power steering and mass air flow sensors for engine control. SENT can replace existing analogue or PWM signal transmission, and is considered to be cost-effective compared to other serial buses such as CAN/LIN.

When equipped with the new serial bus options, the Yokogawa MSOs will decode the bus signals and display the results in real time. A wide variety of dedicated triggers and search functions are available to aid analysis and troubleshooting on parameters that can affect the bus signals: something that is becoming increasingly important as the amount of traffic inside the CAN bus grows with more sophisticated vehicle control systems. 

The Yokogawa DLM Series of oscilloscopes are ideally suited to this type of analysis because of the versatility provided by their long memory: in particular, the length of the acquisition memory in Yokogawa's DLM4000 mixed-signal 8-channel oscilloscope is up to 250 Mpoints, making it a straightforward task to handle the extended data frames used in the CAN FD bus that allow the bit rate inside a frame to be changed flexibly. It also makes it possible to display trend data over extended periods: up to 100 seconds of data for SENT signals with microsecond duration, for example.

The DLM2000 is a 4-channel mixed-signal oscilloscope with bandwidths from 200 to 500 MHz and memory up to 250 Mpoints. Channel four can be activated either as an analogue input, or to acquire 8 bits of logic. The DLM4000 is an 8-channel MSO available in both 350 MHz and 500 MHz models, with 2.5 GS/s sampling. It features eight analogue input channels, with the eighth input channel converting to an 8-bit logic analyser at the push of a button. An additional 16 logic analyser inputs are available as an option, for 24-bit logic analysis.