Wednesday 29 April 2015

Ten years of industry collaboration!

Boulting Technology recently celebrated ten years of PROFIBUS UK membership. The company has successfully been keeping up to date with all the technology developments in the last decade through continuous staff training and development.

“Manufacturers today strive for efficiency through automation,” explained Gordon Mullis, managing director of Boulting Technology. “Industrial automation is not just about excellent networking and communications, but also requires a comprehensive system integration approach.

“Boulting Technology’s team of engineers draws on experience from a diverse range of industries, processes and platforms. With our membership of PROFIBUS UK and the high level of training and support made available over the last ten years, we have been able to consistently provide the best solutions to our clients.”

• The PROFIBUS group was established in 1993 and Boulting Technology joined shortly after. To date, Boulting Technology has supported some thousands of PROFIBUS PA, PROFIBUS DP and PROFINET applications. The projects have ranged from complex chemical processing plants to electricity generation and from anaerobic digestion processes to treatment of water and waste applications.

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