Wednesday 1 April 2015

Learn about the real-time analytics revolution!

Wonderware seminar to explore the increasing role real-time analytics is playing in today’s manufacturing industry.

The free event, ‘Operational Intelligence: Real-time Analytics in UK Manufacturing’ will take place on Thursday April 23rd 2015, from 9:30 to 16:00, at Williams Conference Centre (GB), home of the nine-time Constructors Championship-winning F1 team.

Designed to allow attendees to explore the benefits of Operational Intelligence (OI) technologies, the event is hosted in partnership with Callisto Integration and features a keynote speech by Marc Van Herreweghe, Vice President of Manufacturing Insights at the International Data Corporation (IDC).

Before joining IDC, Marc amassed over 20 years' experience at British American Tobacco (BAT), with responsibility for 45 factories in 40 different countries. His expertise includes global supply chain, lean manufacturing, new factory build and organisational change. The Belgian national has advised a wide range of organisations extensively on manufacturing strategies, in addition to holding academic advisory roles at a number of universities.

He will look at how manufacturers can protect tomorrow’s profits by adopting advanced manufacturing technologies and integrated working systems. His talk will be followed by a Q&A session for attendees.

The event follows a recent whitepaper commissioned by Wonderware UK and delivered by IDC, looking into what the new sources of competitive differentiation will be for the factory-of-the-future and how intelligent use of data will be a key tool for manufacturing businesses in the next five years. The whitepaper will be made available to all delegates attending the event.

Those wanting to attend the event can register here: Click here

Other core topic areas that will be focused on at the event, include:
·         How to drive continuous improvement with real-time KPIs and holistic root-cause analytics
·         The latest alarm management practices
·         The latest technologies available to boost price efficiency in all areas, such as quality and Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)
·         Manufacturers that have achieved greater efficiency and reduced costs with OI technology
·         Energy Management technologies and approaches
Attendees will also have the opportunity to hear from leading brands such as Callisto Integration, Schneider Electric, Wonderware and UReason, whilst hearing case studies from other companies that have already adopted an OI framework.

Wonderware UK OI product manager, Mike Charles, said: “Since we first introduced the term Operational Intelligence two years ago it has been adopted by several key players in our industry. But it’s important to remember that OI is far more than just a technology stack. It’s a best-practice approach to working with operational data and as such its applications vary business-to-business. At our event, which is squarely aimed at decision makers, delegates will hear an unbiased view of this approach and the wider analytics market from the leading manufacturing industry analyst, IDC. This will be balanced with real-world stories from manufacturers who are at various stages of their OI journey.”

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