Thursday 2 April 2015

Configuring, maintaining and managing field devices.

FieldMate™ R3.01.10 is the latest version of Yokogawa's multi-lingual stand-alone device management tool for configuring, maintaining and managing field devices in industrial plants. 

With a user interface designed for use on tablet PCs, FieldMate™ supports EDDL and FDT device integration concepts and incorporates integrated communication paths for process automation protocols including HART, FOUNDATION™ fieldbus, PROFIBUS, Modbus and ISA100.11a wireless, as well as for Yokogawa's proprietary protocol BRAIN. 

It automatically scans the bus and reports on the devices found including their status and basic device parameters. From there the user can, in an intuitive way, navigate to the device details such as diagnostics, configuration parameters and maintenance information. 

Standard features include audit trail and device database search functions. Other protocols are handled by setting up FDT projects using the appropriate communication DTMs.

Embedded in FieldMate™ is Yokogawa's FDT2 based frame application DTM Works, which is compliant with both FDT2 and FDT 1.2.x DTMs. FieldMate™ R3.01.10 comes with the latest DTMs for Yokogawa's field devices including FDT2 DTMs for the latest version of the EJX and EJA-E pressure transmitters and the ROTAMASS 3 Series Coriolis mass flowmeter.

In its tablet configuration this unit is the ideal tool for device patrol and maintenance tasks. New functions added include the automatic generation of device configuration reports in a variety of formats and the centralised management of various types of device related information. 

The FieldMate™ "one tool for all" concept allows users to configure, maintain and manage all field devices, no matter the make or protocol used to communicate, in a very efficient manner and thus helps to save on operational expenditures. FieldMate™ synchronises seamlessly with Yokogawa's PRM Plant Asset Management tool, providing a clear path to Asset Excellence.

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