Friday 24 April 2015

Free data logging and monitoring software.

Mantracourt has announced that it will be now be providing its acclaimed T24LOG100 data logging software free of charge with every purchase of products within its T24 wireless sensor range.

The T24LOG100 software allows the user to view and log up to 100 channels of wireless instrumentation data simultaneously, whilst also offering a range of sophisticated maths functions that will enable engineers to optimise system monitoring and control software.

“The T24LOG100 package has been developed in house, and provides a reliable and accurate solution for the collection of data,” said Kelly Voysey, Marketing Manager at Mantracourt. “This new version has had a makeover in terms of the graphical interface, but it very much retains the intuitive nature of the previous version, and the many intelligent functions and features of the original version.”
Using the T24LOG100, the user is able to display a sensor value in a resizable window and channels can be setup with user-defined algorithms that can be used to calculate a multitude of maths functions. Visual displays and noise indicator alarms can also be set to indicate under and over range, as well as loss in communications. The T24LOG100 can log at a user-defined rate, on demand, on entering and leaving a pre-set overload and during an overload. The data collected is generated in a CSV format, enabling external analysis.

“The T24 wireless instrument range has enjoyed amazing success on a worldwide basis, and the T24LOG100 software has played an important role in this success,” said Kelly Voysey. “We are also able to supply a version of the T24LOG100 software that carries bespoke branding such as company colours, logo etc. However, there will be a charge for this version.”

A three minute video is shown above. This video runs through the T24LOG100 software’s main features, including: simple display with alarms and overload, logging to .csv, web server for remote viewing, report generation and visual mapping.

The T24 wireless telemetry system enables the user to transmit data from sensors such as load cells, temperature, pressure, voltage, current and displacement devices to a wide range of T24 receivers, which provide both analogue and digital outputs. The T24 system allows the user to overcome the limitations of cable systems.

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