Tuesday 7 April 2015

Customer satisfaction measured!

A critical element of the mission of the Measurement, Control & Automation Association (MCAA) is to provide meaningful and useful benchmarks and business tools to its member companies. MCAA launched this program for measuring Customer Satisfaction in 2003 with a survey instrument developed by the Board of Directors and members working with experts in this area. The Customer Satisfaction Survey program helps companies obtain necessary customer feedback while at the same time allowing them to benchmark their own performance (in the eyes of customers) against their peers in the industry—other providers of process controls, measurement and analysis instrumentation, and plant automation systems and software.

MCAA Customer Satisfaction Index 
Nearly 18,000 customers (including buyers, users, resellers and channel partners) were surveyed in 2015. In all, 2,733 surveys were completed by customers or channel partners resulting in a 15.2% absolute overall response rate and an average response rate of 19.5%. Because the MCAA survey statistics include surveys fielded by 27 different companies in 74 individual survey instruments, the more appropriate response rate is the AVERAGE rate since all participants may have not vetted their lists to level of confidence that they were reaching out to individuals who had knowledge of their company and their products or services. Typical response rates for similar surveys fall in the 10-15% range. The highest response rates occur where manufacturers surveyed their channel partners with whom they have important business relationships and with whom they achieved up to a 50% response rate.

Measured by the two main metrics (overall satisfaction and loyalty), 2015 Customer Satisfaction results for manufacturers indicate overall customer satisfaction at its second highest level in 12 years and customer loyalty in third place in the time period. For manufacturers relative to their channel partners (where historical data is available for seven years), the 2015 satisfaction index is in a virtual tie for second with 2014. The loyalty index is not calculated for manufacturers-to-channel because of the nature of the business relationship. Finally, for channel firms surveying their customers (where there is a six-year history) the past three years have seen the highest marks. In 2015 this group has both a satisfaction index and a loyalty index that is above the 6-year average.
To view the results of the 2015 Customer Satisfaction Survey in its entirety, please go to the website and select “Customer Satisfaction Surveys” from the “Services” tab. MCAA exists to help the management teams of process and factory automation product and solution providers run and grow successful businesses by offering timely, unique and highly specialized resources acquired from shared management benchmarks where proprietary company information is secure.

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