Wednesday 29 April 2015

"Stars of the show!"

Visitors to AQE 2015 in Telford (GB 22-23 April), were treated to a practical demonstration of real-time simultaneous multigas analysis when Quantitech’s Dominic Duggan enlisted the help of three attendees to assist in the demonstration of the Gasmet portable FTIR gas analyser, the DX4040.
"Will you try our analyser?"
Seeking to explode the myth that FTIR gas analysis is complicated, Dominic encouraged participants to conduct the analysis without any prior training. One person held the analyser, whilst another briefly pressed the button on a can of ‘Air Duster’ – a dust removal spray. At the same time, the third volunteer held out the instrument’s PDA so that live data from the analyser (via Bluetooth) could be displayed for the audience.

“The attendees were surprised to see how many compounds were in the ‘Air’ and how easily speciated data could be generated for a wide range of gases,” Dominic commented. “My presentation included descriptions of this instrument’s application in Greenhouse Gas research, hazardous incident assessment, environmental investigation and research at NASA, but the practical demonstration helped AQE visitors to see how this technology could help in their daily work.”

Reflecting on the success of the event, Dominic said: “As a specialist event, almost every visitor to AQE 2015 was a potential customer for Quantitech, so the quality of the leads that we received was extremely high.”

The Quantitech stand was also staffed by Antti Heikkilä from Gasmet Technologies in Finland. He said: “I am delighted with the number of enquiries that we received from outside of the UK. As a specialist event, AQE 2015 is obviously very attractive to anyone with a professional interest in air quality and emissions monitoring.”

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