Thursday 2 April 2015

Affordable custom mono LCD production service.

Clear, sharp, unambiguous displays are always pivotal to any product design. The chosen display medium is the real-life Human Machine Interface (HMI) and must easily convey the Measurements, Messages and Instructions of the equipment to the end users.

Custom solutions rather than off-the-shelf displays will always provide the most satisfactory HMI. Varitronix provides an affordable and fast custom mono LCD production service - the success of this custom service now accounts for a high percentage of the Varitronix production capability.

Varitronix is an R&D-led company, and is able to offer advanced product features within its custom mono LCD service. For example, view angles and contrast ratios are the parameters that OEM product design engineers are most keen to maximise.

Because Varitronix manufactures its own LC cells, its in-house development team can offer different LC fluid combinations, cell gaps, internal cell construction, and molecular alignment techniques. After the cell specification is agreed, the process is continued by discussing options for the drive electronics; operating temperature range; and power consumption.

In a high percentage of applications, Varitronix will supply a complete modular solution including drive electronics, backlights and in many cases customer circuitry. With the experience of more than 30 years of custom design, Varitronix engineers know that a little more time spent in the design stage will result in time saved further in the development cycle, when the samples supplied meet and often exceed the customers’ expectations first time.

To enhance the external characteristics of the displays, many different anti-glare, polariser combinations and final coatings are offered, and if required a custom silkscreen can be applied to the surface of the glass to highlight special areas of the display and add a company logos.

Applications include industrial, commercial, automotive and medical markets.

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