Wednesday 15 April 2015

Plug & socket connectors targeted at demanding applications.

Connector specialist group EDAC has extended its popular E-Seal range of ingress protected (IP) connectors with the introduction of new water, mist and dust-proof wire-to-board and in-line plug & socket connectors. The IP code is used to define the level of environmental protection provided by electrical equipment enclosures. The new E-Seal connectors carry the IP67 designation indicating absolute protection against dust and mistand total protection from the effect of immersion in liquids between 15cm and 1m deep.

Currently comprising four device families, EDAC's E-Seal IP67 rated wire-to-board and in-line (wire-to-wire) plug & socket connectors support low-level signal and power requirements up to 300 volts (V) at 12 amps (A) and temperatures between -40º and 105ºC. A wide range of high-performance silicone seals are available to accommodate wire of between 14 and 28 AWG with either thin or standard insulation thickness.

E-Seal 565 and 566 Series
The E-Seal 565 Series offers 2, 3 and 5 connections in wire-to-board and in-line variants. 565 Series devices feature EDAC’s proprietary ‘Fast Integral Seal' technology, enabling rapid assembly of the connector whilst maintaining absolute seal reliability. The E-Seal 566 Series also features ‘Fast Integral Seal' technology and is available in 2, 3, 4 and 6 connections in-line (wire-to-wire) and 2 and 3 connections wire-to-board.  A 2-connection, 3-way branch version is also available.

E-Seal 570 and 568 Series
The crimp assembly E-Seal 570 Series offers 1, 2, and 3 connections with 5.08mm pin pitch and is supplied in wire-to-board and in-line options, all rated for 10A/300V operation. Targeting single connection in-line applications the E-Seal 568 Series is also a crimp-to-seal assembly device rated for 12A/300V operation.

According to Damien Croft, Head of Sales - EDAC Europe, features unique toE-Seal wire-to-board and in-line plug & socket connectors include integral locking tabs to prevent accidental disengagement, a keying system to prevent miss-mating, and visual confirmation of seal: "We support our E-Seal connector customers with the provision  of hand tools for prototyping and small build production runs. Applications for our connectorsare many and varied, including, lighting, access control, external signage and refrigerated displays."

In addition to the new wire-to-board and in-line plug & socket devices EDAC's E-Seal connector portfolio includes a full range of D-Sub, USB and HDMI connector products.All the devices in the E-Seal range are offered in a wide range of mounting styles including single-screw assembly, and for suitable volumes are available with fully assembled custom terminated cables.

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