Monday 27 April 2015

Signage for an efficient turnaround.

Field operators in the physical plant often face a labyrinth of pipes and instruments relying solely on past training and experience to know where they need to be. To easily navigate the ever evolving COG physical plant, Brady offers durable signage solutions for a more efficient turnaround.

Numerous applications
Durable Brady signage can be used in a number of ways to support field operators. Gauges and fluid containers can be marked to show allowable ranges or levels, lubrication points can be identified and equipment labelled with a barcode linking to maintenance history or supplier information to easily re-order parts. Checklists and procedures can be attached to the equipment itself to optimise compliance, and pipe contents, flow direction, source and destination information can be displayed where they are needed.

Printable Onsite
Durable Brady signs can resist UV exposure, weathering, extreme temperatures and chemicals and can be printed on-site using a Brady printer and pre-defined templates. The BBP™85 Label Printer can print the largest signs on-site.The BBP33 Sign and Label Printer is especially useful for a multitude of smaller size COG identification applications. A Brady printer on-site eliminates the need to order new signage at the last minute and instead enables you to quickly print additional identification when needed.

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