Thursday 16 April 2015

Co and CO2 ppm measurements!

Brand new ppm measurements for carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2) now enable medical gas producers to get the performance and operational benefits of the SERVOPRO MultiExact 5400 multigas analyser.

“When it comes to medical gases, you can’t take chances with people’s health,” says Charles Segar, Product Manager, Servomex. “The exceptional stability and repeatability demonstrated by these new CO and CO2 measurements will give medical gas producers complete reassurance that their gas products always meet the highest medical standards.”
Featuring new Servomex Gas Filter Correlation (GFX) infrared sensors, which deliver exceptional measurement stability and repeatability, the MultiExact’s dual measurement capability enables it to simultaneously monitor 0-10 ppm CO and 0-500ppm CO2 impurities in air, oxygen or nitrogen. With infrared technology an approved method of the European Pharmacopeia, the MultiExact is an application-optimized single-analyzer solution for both the production and batch validation of medical-grade gases.

The MultiExact’s next-generation digital platform not only enhances the stability and accuracy of Servomex’s Hummingbird GFX measurements, but also helps reduce operational costs through ease-of-use and simplified on-going maintenance.

Available in bench top, panel or 19” rack mounting versions, the MultiExact offers independent auto-validation/calibration of measurements with the option of an integrated stream-switching valve block, while unique flow sensor technology provides unrivalled reliability for each measurement.

Directly operable through a built-in display, control is optimized via a comprehensive communication options that includes RS232 serial communications, Ethernet connectivity and Modbus or Profibus via RS485. NAMUR-compliant fault relay functions are available, allowing alarms, maintenance and service-in-progress messages to be communicated remotely.

The flexible design architecture of the MultiExact means it also benefits from Servomex’s leading-edge Paramagnetic, Zirconia and Thermal Conductivity sensing technologies of stable, accurate and selective measurements. This makes MultiExact adaptable to an extensive range of industrial gas applications, including percent oxygen (O2) measurements for product purity, ppm O2 measurements for argon (Ar) and nitrogen (N2) product streams, ppm Nitrous Oxide (N2O) measurements in O2, percent Ar in O2 , N2 in O2, and He in N2 or O2.

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