Thursday 2 April 2015

Water quality highlighted on both sides of the Irish Sea!

OTT Hydrometry’s latest water quality and level monitoring technologies will be demonstrated at two major events this Spring.
First, on 21st and 22nd April, OTT will participate in the International Association of Hydrogeologists Irish Group meeting in Tullamore, Co. Offaly (IRL). Entitled: “Integrated Hydrogeology: Contemporary Principles, Policy and Practice,” this event will address many of the strategic issues relating to the management of water resources, in addition to the technical aspects of monitoring. The OTT stand will feature water level loggers such as Ecolog and Orpheus Mini, water level contact gauges/dippers and Adcon/OTT telemetry solutions.

Secondly, OTT will demonstrate a new Phosphate monitor at an Innovation Day at WRc in Swindon (GB)on 29th April. This will provide an opportunity to demonstrate the unique advantages of the ‘Cycle-P’ for remote, continuous Phosphate monitoring. “Phosphate levels in water resources are a major cause for concern,” says OTT MD Nigel Grimsley. “Consequently there is a high demand for the Cycle-P, particularly because it is a continuous monitor that can be quickly and simply installed at any location. Battery-powered and able to operate unattended in the field, it can run over 1,000 tests before a field service is necessary to change the reagents.”

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