Wednesday 29 April 2015

Simpler wiring of connectors!

The innovative bridge block multiplier technique first introduced by Harting in its Han-Yellock® connector family has now been extended to many other connectors in the Han® series. By incorporating the additional contacts within the connector housing, the bridge block offers users the benefits of simplified wiring and reduced space requirements.

The bridging function, which would previously have been implemented in external terminal blocks in the switching cabinet, is implemented in the connector quickly with minimal wiring effort, reducing installation time and maintenance requirements. In addition, the fact that much less space is required conforms with the trend of miniaturisation in industrial installations.

The bridge block itself acts as an adaptor and offers, in the space required for three Han-Modular® inserts, room for up to 15 Han E® pin contacts. Three socket holder rows can be freely selected and inserted. From the normal one-to-one contacting up to the bridging of five contacts, there are many more variants available from the existing Han-Yellock® portfolio.

With its compatibility with the Han-Modular® hinged frames, the bridge block can be applied in all hinged frame applications from a size of 10B. In addition, it can be combined with Harting’s Han-Eco® lightweight connector family and the Han-Modular® docking frame to achieve an exceptionally high level of flexibility.

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