Wednesday 8 April 2015

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The new FieldConnex fieldbus diagnostic handheld device (FDH-1) from Pepperl+Fuchs makes commissioning and troubleshooting a fieldbus installation easier than ever. The mobile device can check any fieldbus segment quickly and easily with the simple press of a button.

"Easier than using a multimeter!"
To make it even easier to install and use the fieldbus infrastructure, Pepperl+Fuchs has developed the new FieldConnex fieldbus diagnostic handheld device (FDH-1). Is the desired signal quality achieved? Is the bus termination correct? The FDH-1 uses a quick and simple method to display the quality of the fieldbus installation. The handheld has been specifically designed to be easy to operate without the need for expert fieldbus knowledge. Just connect the handheld to any fieldbus segment; no PC required! This connection enables the handheld to show whether or not there are any errors in the physical layer installation prior to commissioning a segment. If there are errors, it will pinpoint what they are, where they are, and how they can be corrected. This saves time and money during installation. The FDH-1 can also be used to check existing cables in to determine whether they are suitable for a fieldbus installation. Taking this approach can lead to considerable savings in terms of cabling costs and the amount of maintenance work required, ensuing reliable operation of the fieldbus. In existing installations, the FDH-1 can check the short-circuit protection at the spur connections. This is especially advisable for fieldbus installations that are many years old and may be beginning to experience problems.

The Mobile Expert
The new FDH-1 handheld device makes the commissioning process easy and ensures that quality assurance of the fieldbus installation is extremely straightforward. The mobile device is incredibly simple to handle and requires no previous technical knowledge, providing a crucial advantage. The device is just as user-friendly as the trusted multimeter, but can do a great deal more. For example, it features an integrated expert system that interprets the measured values, enabling it to detect errors and determine exactly where they are located. Once the errors are detected, it will also provide a simple corrective action statement. In addition to this expert system, a commissioning wizard with guided dialogs ensures the handheld device is easy to use. The wizard compares the installation to values set from fieldbus standards and specifications, enabling a target/actual comparison. If required, the wizard can create documentation in a storage format that can be downloaded via USB. The test report can also simply be downloaded again at a later date and used for comparison measurements.

The new FieldConnex fieldbus diagnostic handheld device from Pepperl+Fuchs makes the fieldbus installation as easy and straightforward as possible, providing the ideal basis for trouble-free operation and maximum availability of processing equipment. The FDH-1 is approved for use in all hazardous areas and for all types of explosion protection.

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