Friday, September 4, 2015

IR cameras with up to 2.5 times the resolution to quickly assess equipment health!

Fluke has introduced eight new Fluke® TiS Performance Series Infrared Cameras, with improved resolution to help industrial, maintenance, and HVAC professionals analyse equipment health more quickly and accurately.

The new Fluke TiS models deliver up to 2.5 times more pixels and a 70 percent improvement in distance-to-spot than the Fluke Ti1xx series cameras, for better image quality to enhance identification of potential equipment problems in industrial and electrical maintenance, process industries, and in building applications. The new models feature large 3.5 inch screens to help pinpoint issues while still in the field and offer one touch image access, which eliminates the need to scroll through a menu to view images. Eight models are available, five fixed focus and three manual focus, with resolution up to 260 x 195 pixels.

The rugged infrared cameras upload images to the Fluke Connect Cloud via a wireless connection to securely store and manage images and potentially reduce administrative time back in the office. Reports can be created and emailed from the jobsite via Fluke Connect®, eliminating the need to return to the office to process reports.

Fluke Connect
The Fluke TiS Performance Series are designed to work with Fluke Connect® system - the industry’s largest system of software and wireless test tools - which allows technicians to wirelessly transmit measurement data from their test tools to their smartphones for secure storage on the Fluke Connect® Cloud and team access from the field.* The Fluke Connect® Assets subscription service offers ShareLiveTM video calls that enable teams to easily share and access infrared inspections on the go and look at trends per piece of equipment over time. The Fluke Connect® app can be downloaded free from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

*Within your provider’s wireless service area and subject to your plan’s pricing and other terms.
Fluke Connect is not available in all countries.

Changes announced at security board!

A number of changes have been announced at the ISA Security Compliance Institute. Ed Crawford at Chevron will serve as Board Chairman, replacing Johan Nye at ExxonMobil. Nye will serve as Vice-Chairman, replacing Crawford. Paul Forney at Schneider Electric will serve as the Technical Steering Committee Chairman, replacing Kevin Staggs at Honeywell. Staggs will serve as Marketing Chairmain, replacing Graham Speake at Yokogawa. Eric Cosman will continue to serve as ISA99 committee liaison to ISCI.

Message from the new Chairman
“It is my privilege to serve as the Chairman of the Board of the ISA Security Compliance Institute. The work that this organization is responsible for is one of the most important in addressing cybersecurity assurance for industrial control systems (ICS).
I want to thank the outgoing Chairman, Johan Nye, for his leadership and guidance that has resulted in the development of the IEC 62443 standards-based EDSA, SSA and SDLA certifications as the model for certifying ICS security.
In an environment of increasing cybersecurity threats and greater need for more intelligent ICS cyber resiliency, it is good to know that ISASecure® is the logo of choice for ICS cybersecurity assurance.”

Ed Crawford, Chairman of the Board
ISCI is led by a Governing Board that sets the strategy and direction for ISCI. Governing Board officers serve two-year terms and ensure adherence to annual plans and budgets. Volunteering for a Governing Board officer position requires a significant commitment from the individual and generous support from the respective sponsoring companies.

“We are pleased to have Ed Crawford as the new ISCI Board Chairman and look forward to his leadership over the next two years,” said Andre Ristaino, Managing Director, ISCI. “ISCI members would also like to thank the outgoing officers, with a special thanks for outgoing Chairman Johan Nye. Johan has provided steady leadership for ISCI and ensured that ISCI maintained focus on the long-term vision of the organization.”

• The ISA Security Compliance Institute (ISCI), a not-for-profit automation controls industry consortium, manages the ISASecure™ conformance certification program.  ISASecure independently certifies industrial automation and control (IAC) products and systems to ensure that they are robust against network attacks and free from known vulnerabilities. 

Automation company wins ISV partner award from Microsoft.

Microsoft Austria has awarded the internationally operating software manufacturer Copa-Data first place in the partner category Independent Software Vendor (ISV). Microsoft is thereby acknowledging Copa-Data's outstanding software solutions. In the course of this year's Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Orlando, (FL USA), Microsoft Austria General Manager, Dorothee Ritz, handed over the prize to Copa-Data representatives Phillip Werr and Johannes Petrowisch.

Copa -Data's Johannes Petrowisch
The industry, as well as the public sector, are experiencing a flourish in digitalisation. Increasingly important in this context are storage, provision and subsequent processing of data in cloud applications. This establishes new business domains, strengthens companies' competitiveness and innovation capacity, contributes to more intelligent handling of valuable resources and reduces costs. As a long-standing and twofold Gold competence Partner of Microsoft (Application Development and Intelligent Systems), the company relies on the extensive cloud solutions with Microsoft Azure.

 “In the coming years the entire cloud market will see an enormous potential for innovation and growth," explains Jürgen Mayrbäurl, Business Evangelist Azure & Business Manager at Microsoft Austria. "In COPA-DATA we see a highly innovative partner at our side, who is creating a strong bridge between Microsoft Azure and industrial automation as well as digitalisation. This offers great opportunities such as intelligent improvement of production processes.”

The automation software, zenon, created by COPA-DATA in Austria, links data from the sensor level right to the cloud and to mobile devices. Over 300 drivers in zenon ensure connectivity and communication between diverse machines and devices and thereby achieve hardware independence and flexibility. These are core elements for a digital future in automation when considering the Smart Factory of Industry 4.0, Smart City and the Internet of Things (IoT).

“The close partnership with Microsoft is very valuable for us. We are already working on numerous projects with Microsoft Azure," explained Johannes Petrowisch, Copa-Data Partner Account Manager. "It is an honour for us to receive the ISV Partner award. It inspires us to continue developing and introducing innovative solutions to the market for our customers, based on the newest Azure Services with zenon”.

70 years of service connecting & communicating in processes.

This month (September 2015) marks the 70th Anniversary of the foundation of what is now the Harting Technology Group. Founded by Wilhelm and Marie Harting as “Wilhelm Harting Mechanische Werkstätten” in a 100 square meter hall of a repair workshop in Minden, (D), the company initially made lamps and domestic appliances, but soon diversified and expanded, and in 1950 moved to nearby Espelkamp, the town where it still has its headquarters.
Wilhelm and Marie Harting
From these small beginnings, the company has expanded into a global organisation with a presence on all continents including 12 production sites and 42 sales companies. Today, Harting is not only an industry leader in the fields of electrical, electronic and optical connection, transmission and networking, but is also closely involved in the area of Integrated Industry including RFID, automation software and customised modular solutions for Industry 4.0.
LtoR: Philip F W Harting, Dietmar Harting, Margrit Harting and Maresa Harting-Hertz

It remains a family-run company, with the current management team including Dietmar Harting, the son of the original founders, and his wife Margrit, plus their son Philip F.W. Harting (Senior Vice President Connectivity & Networks and President/General Partner) and daughter Maresa Harting-Hertz (Senior Vice President Finance and Purchasing and President/General Partner).

• In Britain, Harting Ltd. is celebrating its own special anniversary: this subsidiary was set up 35 years ago in October 1980. Today, the company has over 100 employees. The company is recognised as silver "Investors in People" and ISO 9001 and IRIS approved.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

New range of 5-limb chokes target EMC problems.

A new range of 5-limb chokes targeting electromagnetic interference (EMI) problems in industrial applications has been launched by REO. The CNW range is available in two variants, the liquid cooled series-835 motor choke and the series-915 three-phase line choke. Offering a 40 per cent weight and volume reduction on previous models, the new CNW range features high thermal dissipation and a maximum current rating of 1200 A.

CNW MD 835
The recent rise of non-linear loads such as variable speed drives (VSDs), used to improve efficiency and energy savings, has caused an increase in electromagnetic interference (EMI) and as facilities have grown, so has the tendency for longer cable runs. These issues have led to problems such as overheating windings, harmonic currents and voltage distortion, resulting in shorter product lifetimes and fines.

The new CNW series dampens current peaks and voltage drops on the network caused by high frequency switching, smoothing the waveform and providing a clean sinusoidal current output.

"The 5-limb design of these new chokes is pivotal in tackling EMI," explained Steve Hughes, managing director of REO UK. "The design uses a combination of wound and unwound limbs to ensure that the choke can transfer and attenuate the EMI without unwanted thermal loading, which, if not dealt with, can lead to magnetic field leakage and cause common-mode and radio frequency interference (RFI) on nearby equipment.

"On top of this, we've optimised the design to remove excess material, resulting in a choke that is 40 per cent lighter and more compact than a typical setup with three separate single chokes. For use in motors the CNW series-835 also gains the use of liquid cooling for ultimate heat dissipation."

The new range of 5-limb chokes is part of REO's drive to make a complete and high-performance range of electromagnetically compatible (EMC) products available for applications ranging from industrial automation, food and beverage processing and packaging.

Social media tips for automation industry!

Last March we announced the publication of Authentia's 2015 Control System Integrators Digital Marketing Benchmark Report.  This proved to be a very popular item topping our most visited "end of" period (week or month) on several occasions.

Now the Technical PR agency, Stone Junction has released a one-page guide, analysing social media presence across the automation industry. The social media style of top global automation companies is examined, taking into consideration presence on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. The guide is available for download here.

As well as looking at the amount of connections that several companies have across three channels, the guide also provides useful tips on how to achieve success similar to Schneider Electric, Rockwell Automation and ABB Robotics.

"It's common knowledge that the automation and engineering industry is falling behind in the digital revolution," explains Jessica Phillips, account executive at Stone Junction. "The guide is aimed at companies who are getting started with social media and want to take inspiration from the bigger names. As a company that works every day to build social media presence for our clients from technical and technology sectors, we believe that the companies included in the guide represent the division of the automation industry who make the most of all social media channels."

• Stone Junction is a technical and technology PR agency based in Staffordshire, (GB) that manages social media for companies such as COPA-DATA UK, Renishaw PLC and Boulting Technology. Stone Junction regularly updates its blog with posts that include hints and tips for PR and marketing tactics. Regular topics include social media, SEO and email marketing.

Ultrasonic (US) sensors for the Americas!

The distributor for the America’s of  PIL’s new P53 Steel Head ultrasonic sensor, as well as other PIL sensor technologies is Hoffmann-Krippner.

Developed for use in demanding medical, pharmaceutical, food processing and industrial applications, the P53 Steelhead meets the guidelines of the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG) and ensures optimum hygiene in applications where frequent cleaning processes are required. Typical applications are the food and beverage industry, the medical and pharmaceutical industry, the chemical and the filling and packaging industry. Steelhead Ultrasonic sensors are also used for detecting filling levels of bulk solids, paste or liquid, as well as for recognition and counting of objects.

Incorporating a robust, fully encapsulated stainless steel housing with gapless transitions, the PIL P53 Steel Head provides IP68 / IP69K protection. Impervious to water vapor, moisture and dust, Steel Head sensors can withstand high pressure and steam jet cleaning. Their resistance to aggressive chemical cleaning agents is certified to Ecolab standards. The P53 provides a choice of output options – a standard analog 0-10V / 4-20mA output or two switching outputs. In addition to these fixed settings, the P53 series can be programmed for various other custom settings.

Ultrasonic distance sensors are often used in harsh, industrial environments because they are independent of the material and the color of the object to be measured and are not affected by light, dust and fog. They function very precisely and linearly with background suppression. Ultrasonic sensors use an ultrasonic transducer to send and receive sound waves. Specially coded ultrasonic signals are transmitted in a set pattern, and, after being reflected from the object to be measured, the signals are received by the sensor and decoded. The recorded time of flight is temperature compensated and converted to distance data. 

“PIL’s Steelhead Ultrasonic sensor is the most durable and hygienic ultrasonic sensor on the market due to its completely encapsulated gap free housing and its ultra smooth surface,” says Jens Kautzor, CEO of Hoffmann Krippner US.  “We are proud to represent PIL in the Americas as PIL, with  over 25 years of experience, offers the industry’s highest quality and most accurate ultrasonic sensors for a diverse range of real world applications.”

HMIs for hazardous area applications.

A highly communicative local operator interface from R. Stahl HMI Systems provides a new level of user friendliness and connectivity to almost all relevant automation systems for hazardous areas applications.

Series 200
The innovative ET-208 HMI comes with a number of serial interfaces including USB and connectors for different bus systems as well as Industrial Ethernet – all explosion-protected. Simatic S7-300, -400, and -1200 connector modules allow data transfer using PROFINET, PROFIBUS, or MPI protocols. Barcode scanners and RFID readers can be connected via a reader box. This rugged HMI has been optimized for reliable and permanent operation even in the most demanding environments. It withstands ambient temperatures ranging from -40 °C to +65 °C and is highly vibration-resistant, which makes it suitable for applications in harsh environments, such as on drilling rigs, or in close proximity to compressors, mixers or centrifuges. The 7-inch touchscreen display is protected by a specially strengthened glass pane. The device boasts a seawater-resistant, IP66-rated metal enclosure.

The easy-to-use widescreen operator interface features a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels and with its powerful Cortex A8 processor is as user-friendly as a smartphone. The luminous display technology incorporates an anti-reflective coating that offers excellent readability in direct sunlight. Optionally, Stahl HMI Systems can integrate additional function keys that can be customized to meet specific needs. If required, the unit is also available with an additional matrix of up to 4 x 8 keys. The default HMI comes with pre-installed Windows Embedded Compact 7; upon request, an open-source operating system can be installed to integrate customer-specific software. The ET-208 can be configured with the SPSPlusWIN project engineering software, a very popular tool in machine engineering that allows comfortable configuration of parameters such as display, process control, or notification settings. Reverse compatibility with the monochrome FALCON series product line ensures an easy changeover to this new line of HMIs.

• Stahl products are marketed in Ireland through Douglas Controls & Automation

Update to ISASecure® EDSA and SSA cybersecurity certifications!

The ISA Security Compliance Institute, which manages the ISASecure cybersecurity certification scheme for industrial automation and control systems (IACS), announced today updates to certification requirements for the Embedded Device Security Assurance (EDSA) certification and System Security Assurance (SSA) certification.

ISASecure certifies to the international IEC 62443 series of IACS cybersecurity standards. Products are evaluated for conformance by independent labs accredited by JAB, ANSI/ANAB and, DaKKS. Lab accreditation requirements include ISO 17065, ISO 17025 and scheme-specific ISASecure requirements.

The new EDSA and SSA certification requirements were posted on the website in June 2015 and are generally referred to as Version 2. The new requirements are effective for any products submitted on or after 1 February 2016.

The EDSA and SSA requirements specifications on the website include documents that provide details and guidance on the transition to Version 2 (ISASecure-112 Transition Guidance to EDSA 2.0.0 and SSA 2.0.0) and related policies (ISASecure-113 Transition Policy to EDSA 2.0.0 and SSA 2.0.0) respectively.

Updates include expanded requirements for vulnerability identification test (VIT) scans of products submitted for certification. In addition, the certification specification requirements documents have been simplified for use by certification labs and suppliers. A key change includes references to a security development lifecycle assurance (SDLA) requirements document, which is used in both the EDSA v2 and SSA v2 certifications.

Additional important changes to requirements are included in the transition and policy documents referenced above: ISASecure-112 Transition Guidance to EDSA 2.0.0 and SSA 2.0.0 and ISASecure-113 Transition Policy to EDSA 2.0.0 and SSA 2.0.0.

Changes impact ISASecure communication robustness tool (CRT) providers and technical readiness for ISASecure certification bodies (CB).

CODESYS Experience with IPC based I/O controller, remote I/O and HMI.

Advantech’s new ADAM-5560CDS, is a cost efficient modular IPC controller based on CODESYS V3 embedded engineering platform equipped with an Intel Atom D510 CPU including controller specific features such as a watch dog, RAM with battery back-up and pre-installed with the real time embedded OS WIN CE6.0. The basic unit provides space for 7 internal I/O slots (for digital and analog I/O) which can totally support applications up to 224 I/O points. Two on board Ethernet ports (2xRJ45) allow the connectivity to multiple network architectures and remote I/O components.
For additional external and long distance I/O expansion, Advantech offers a selection of various remote I/O extension units. The ADAM-5000TCP and ADAM-5000/485 can be connected through the Modbus TCP Ethernet Remote I/O LAN port or Internal RS 485 Modbus/RTU port. Both remote I/O extension units provide additional space for further 4 or 8 I/O modules. The full range of intelligent digital, analog and counter modules includes ADAM 6000 (Modbus TCP Ethernet based) series, ADAM 4000 (Modbus RTU, RS485 based series) and ADAM 2000 (wireless sensor Network I/O). 

At the core of the PC based controller is the actual version of the CODESYS V3 Runtime System CODESYS Control and Visualization. The CODESYS Development system from 3S-Smart Software Solutions is the automation market standard for the development of IEC-61131-3 compliant applications. The free of charge Development system includes all the components for engineering, all 6 IEC-61131- languages, and compiler for the native machine code, a powerful debugger and a clear project configurator. Besides the pure soft logic programming capability of the CODESYS engineering tool, an integrated graphical editor allows the system integrator to develop the target visualization, which can be displayed through an additional industrial Panel Monitor connected to the internal VGA port of the ADAM-5560. 

The web-based visualization option of the CODESYS Visualization enables remote access, monitoring and HMI services over the internet. A standard web-browser communicates with the web server in the controller and displays the visualization by means of HTML5. For the optional integrated Web based HMI functionality, WebVizu, Advantech provides a selection of 7” to 12” rugged and fanless browser based Touch Panel PC of the WOP-3000 series.

A Complete CODESYS Experience at an Incredible Bundle Price!
Advantech is celebration it’s cooperation with CODEYS with a run of the “Advantech-CODESYS bundle” promotion in Europe. The latest promotion kicked off on July 2015 and is open for purchases until 31st of December 2015. The promotion is part of Advantech Industrial Automation Group’s ongoing efforts to offer customers in the European market with great-value deals.

The “Advantech-CODESYS bundle” promotion is focused on Advantech ADAM-5560CDS with the integrated CODESYS runtime providing a flexible and Scalable PC-Based controller solution platform for many cost effective solutions in Internet of Things (IOT) applications, in automation solutions and data acquisition and control applications in Energy and Facility Management Air and Water management, Waste Water, and Green House Automation The promotion offers Advantech customers below benefits:

• The bundle is available at 1750 EUR, 60% off the initial price
• Greater productivity with an optimized development interface
• Flexible modularity and improved re-usability through object orientation
• Simple engineering supports user-friendly controller configuration and communication.
• Full Integration of all Advantech Modbus TCP/RTU remote devices
• Free CODESYS development System supporting 6 PLC languages accordingly IEC- 61131-3
• Practice-oriented for fast creation of simple applications
• Powerful for large-scale projects and extensible by add-on tools
• Harmonized tools with consistent designs for functionality and operation
• Customizable functionality and user interface of the development environment

The “Advantech-CODESYS bundle” promotion is valid till 31st of December 2015 and includes the following Advantech products:

• 1 item ADAM-5560CDS (7-slot PC-based Intel Atom CPU Soft Logic Controller with Integrated Target Visualization)
• 2 items ADAM-5051D-BE (I/O Module)
• 2 items ADAM-5056D-AE (I/O Module)
• 2 items ADAM-5055S-AE (I/O Module)
• 1 item ADAM-5071H-BE (I/O Module)
• 1 item WebOP-3070T (Browser Based HMI for WebVisu)
• 1 item FPM-2150G (15’’ Touch Panel Monitor for TargetVisu)

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Stop when you’re at your best.

Change at Kollmorgan affectiong Scandinavia, Ireland and Great Britain.

Stewart Dowsett
Ian Young, Key Account Manager for Britain, Ireland and Scandinavia, is retiring. The highly likeable Englishman has worked nine years Kollmorgen and is now transitioning his role to Stewart Dowsett. British-born Dowsett brings over 25 years of automation experience - especially in the field of industrial automation and motion control.

Stewart Dowsett studied mechanical engineering at Brunel Technical College Bristol and began his career in a manufacturing environment before moving in to industrial sales, moving from a business development role to sales management role in Britain. Dowsett brings extensive expertise in motor and drive technology and will mainly focus on business develop of the OEM business in the Britain, Ireland and Scandinavia, whilst continuing to support and develop the established Kollmorgan partners.

CNC programming software for operations planning, training and sales.

In Sinutrain version 4.7,  Siemens has simplified its Windows PC-based offline programming software for machine tools, and equipped it with new, practical functions. For example, in the new workbench interface, the previous selection list has been replaced by a clear home page with animated images. This enables the user to quickly obtain an overview as if present in a virtual machine hall.

Background information:
Sinutrain is a Windows PC-based CNC programming station for machine tool controllers, which has an identical controller and uses the same programming and user interface as Siemens Sinumerik controllers. Sinutrain is used for operations planning, training and sales. Manufacturing companies use the software in their operations planning to program and simulate the next order offline in advance on a computer – without blocking expensive machine tools CNC programming is practiced in training in exactly the same way as on real machines. The field sales workers of machine and controller manufacturers just need laptops to demonstrate machine tool processes. Sinutrain has the same Sinumerik Operate user interface as Sinumerik machine tool controllers, so employees can work in the same engineering environment both offline and directly on the machine.
Clicks are made on the desired machine to select it and is immediately taken to the correct programming interface for his NC program: to the workshop-oriented ShopMill/ShopTurn machining step programming, the cycle-supporting programGuide G code language, or the DIN and ISO commands.

The DXF (Drawing Interchange File Format) reader newly integrated in Sinutrain 4.7 simplifies both the exchange of data with CAD systems and the program creation. The CAD data is read in with a few clicks and part programs are created much more quickly. The possibilities of creating new machine tools have also been improved. As an option, the IBN (commissioning) archive can now be read in from machine tools. This makes all the data stored in the CNC also available in Sinutrain. For example, manufacturers' cycles, including cycle images from machine manufacturers, can be copied from the real machine to Sinutrain.

The standard machining process templates have also been expanded in Sinutrain 4.7. These enable users to create executable programs quickly, e.g. for turning and milling machines. These include not only turning with or without a counterspindle, and 3 to 5-axis milling, but also combined milling-turning. This enables functional programs to be created easily for machine tools – irrespective of their size, power and manufacturer.

Another special feature available for the first time is the free basic version of Sinutrain 4.7 without any runtime restrictions. Sinutrain Basic can be obtained online here, and is especially useful for sales and basic training. For example, programs from demonstration machines for 3-axis milling machines or 2-axis turning machines can be transferred to and executed on appropriate machining centers in the same way as with the full version. There are also special training packages for training institutions, with additional student licenses and programming manuals.

An upgrade for MARS!

Kistler Instruments has announced an upgrade for its MARS (Measurement, Analysis and Reporting Software) which includes two new modules for investigating symmetry and landing activities. The new Version 2.1, developed in close cooperation with leading international biomechanics institutes, has undergone extensive testing under practical conditions. Kistler MARS software can be used with all current Kistler force plates (such as Quattro Jump) and all Kistler's USB data acquisition systems.

Kistler MARS 2.1 is an all-inclusive, easy-to-use measurement, analysis and evaluation software for Kistler's force plates and offers a host of new features for performance diagnostics in sports and rehabilitation, including evaluation of stabilization performance after vertical jumps and bilateral leg symmetry. The user friendly data filter and reports supply all the important performance parameters at a glance, making easy work of analyses, assessment and evaluation in competitive sport and rehabilitation. The complete version of the MARS software comprises twenty test modules to analyse and evaluate movements whilst two partial versions, Balance & Stability (with eleven modules) and Power & Strength (nine modules), allow users to reduce costs by selecting the modules for specific application areas.

Additional Modules – User-Friendly Evaluation
Kistler's MARS software delivers complete, intuitive analyses of force measurements from force plates used in performance diagnostics, movement monitoring, rehabilitation and related areas. Version 2.1 of the software adds two new functions: Landing and Stability, making it possible to evaluate stabilization performance after vertical jumps (e.g. landing on one leg) and bilateral symmetry of the legs, helping to avoid injuries. Also, database analyses and evaluations are more user-friendly in the new version, so it is even easier to determine training status and tailor training specifically to individual development goals.

Balance & Stability – Partial Version
The Balance & Stability module offers detailed performance monitoring for rehabilitation and equilibrium. Eleven predefined modules to analyse balance and stability (e.g. Step Analysis and Symmetry) immediately supply all the relevant information on centre of pressure (COP) shifts and other performance parameters helping rapid, sustained rehabilitation.

Power & Strength – Partial Version
The Power & Strength module is intended for fitness and rehab trainers who need a precise and objective determination of an athletes' condition. The nine predefined modules (such as Counter Movement Jump and Stamping) focus on analysing force and endurance. The software immediately supplies all the relevant performance parameters and bilateral symmetry values to help prevention of injuries and chronic pain. Weaknesses or asymmetries are quickly identified so they can be eliminated by targeting key personal training priorities and clear development goals.

Power meter enhanced!

Yokogawa has introduced an enhanced version of its best-selling WT300 Series of compact 5th generation digital power meters featuring higher accuracy, new measurement functionality and improved connectivity including Modbus/TCP capability to aid integration into production environments.

The new WT300E Series has a basic power accuracy of ±0.15% at 50/60 Hz on all measurement ranges - the highest level of accuracy available in any compact power meter – along with a bandwidth of DC and 0.1 Hz to 100 kHz. The influence of power factor is also greatly reduced: at low power factor the accuracy is twice that of the previous models (±0.1% of apparent power S).

The WT300E series covers a broad range of input currents from a few milliamperes up to 40 A RMS, making it equally suitable for measuring low currents in standby power testing to the high currents encountered in induction cookers. It can also measure waveforms with both AC and DC content.

The WT300E Series contains four models: the WT310E single phase (including extremely low-current measurement capability down to 50 µA); WT310EH single phase high current; WT332E two-element; and WT333E three-element.

For the engineer doing standby power measurements, Energy Star(R), SPECpower and IEC62301/EN50564 testing as well as battery-charger and other low level power measurements, the WT310E is the ideal solution.

The WT310EH is a single-phase high-current version with current ranges from 1 A to 40 A RMS. The bandwidth on this model is DC and 0.1 Hz to 20 kHz. The WT332E is a two-element meter for use on split-phase and three-phase/three-wire circuits. The WT333E is a three element meter for use on three-phase/three-wire or three-phase/four-wire circuits.  These models have current ranges of 0.5 A to 20 A RMS, with low-current measurements down to 5 mA. All models have voltage ranges from 15 to 600 V RMS, and low voltage measurement capability to 150 mV.

The new instruments are particularly suited to measurements on today’s power conversion circuits using energy-saving switching techniques, which can cause highly distorted voltage or current waveforms with high harmonic content. They also have a new enhanced low-frequency measurement capability of 0.1 Hz in addition to the upper bandwidth limit of 100 kHz.

An optional harmonic analysis function is available which provides simultaneous measurement of both the normal power parameters and harmonic data for faster and more accurate power analysis. Harmonic analysis and total harmonic distortion calculations can be made up to the 50th order from a 50 or 60 Hz fundamental frequency.

An integration function measures ampere-hour and watt-hour parameters: tests that are especially important for standby power measurements. In the standby mode the current can be very low, but it can increase substantially when the device goes into operational mode. The new auto range feature will optimise the range setting for maximum accuracy measurements.

Yokogawa’s “average active power” function makes it possible to measure power consumption under conditions where the power fluctuates greatly. With this system, watt-hours are measured over a time period, and the time is divided out to give an average power reading. A new feature has been added to the data update rate. The WT300E series can follow fluctuating input frequencies, which typically occur in motor applications, by changing the data update rate automatically. Starting from the lowest 0.1 Hz input, this function can will detect cycles of the input signal automatically and measure it correctly.

All the industry standard communication interface ports such as USB, GPIB, RS232 and Ethernet are available for the WT300E series. The standard interface is USB plus GPIB or RS232, with Ethernet as an available option. Measured digital data from the WT300E series can be acquired by Yokogawa recorders via Modbus/TCP, aiding integration into production environments.

Yokogawa’s WTViewerFreePlus software is provided with each WT300E unit. This permits displaying and saving the measurement data, numeric values, waveform display and trend graphs. IEC62301/EN50564 software for standby power measurements is also available as a free download.

All Yokogawa power meters and power analysers are covered by a 3-year warranty.

The guaranteed accuracy of the new power meters results from the fact that Yokogawa has its own European standards laboratory at its European headquarters in The Netherlands. This facility is the only industrial (i.e. non-government or national) organisation to offer traceable power calibration, to national and international standards, at frequencies up to 100 kHz: a requirement for higher harmonic measurements specified in quality standards such as ISO9000.

Emissions Sensors improve efficiency.

City Technology, (a Honeywell company), is reporting increasing customer interest in its new emissions sensors ahead of the upcoming heating season in response to performance improvements in combustion efficiency and flue gas analysis.
New Premium 5 Series sensors for high-end flue gas analysis include the 5OxLL long life oxygen sensor and A5F+ high range H2 compensated CO sensor, both conforming to EN50379-2 compliance. Highlight features include 5OxLL’s ability to operate for the whole life of an analyser, while reducing field failures and servicing costs through enhanced stability. The A5F+ CO sensor can monitor up to 20,000ppm, removing the need for a second sensor.

New 4 Series sensors for combustion efficiency in installation and service applications include the 4OxLL long life oxygen sensor and 4F & 4MF carbon monoxide sensors. The 4OxLL long life O2 sensor is designed to match the lifetime of the average analyser, whilst the 4F and 4MF CO sensors offer low and high range measurements and robust internal acid gas filters to ensure operational life in demanding emissions environments.

John Warburton, Strategic Marketing Manager for City Technology comments: “Our new emissions sensors provide the ideal solution for the upcoming heating season, where servicing and appliance testing demands reach their peak. We have incorporated advanced component design, ultra-resistant materials, high activity electrodes and high capacity filters ensuring repeatability, stability and accuracy as well as fastest response times. These aspects ensure that engineers using our sensors can maximise their field efficiency, while also reducing ongoing monitoring costs.”

Key Personnel appointed to Rental firm's office in Britain.

Electro Rent Europe, a subsidiary of Electro Rent has appointed two industry experts to key positions within its new in Britain. Mike Sullivan becomes Business Manager, UK, and Stephen Skinner has been appointed Account Manager.

The appointments follow the recent opening of this office, which will provide customers with localised stock and support.

"Electro Rent has been investing and growing business in the UK market for 10 years, culminating in the opening of a dedicated UK office earlier this year," commented David Saeys, Managing Director, Electro Rent Europe. "In that time the company and its UK customers have forged strong working relationships; with this further show of commitment to the UK, Electro Rent Europe is demonstrating to new customers that it is a true alternative to their existing providers."

Mike Sullivan
Business Manager, Mike Sullivan, brings a wealth of experience to Electro Rent UK, having worked in the electronics industry for over 30 years, and the Test & Measurement sector since 1997. Having held senior roles in many of the leading T&M companies, including Tektronix, Keithley Instruments and Underwriters Laboratories, Sullivan has experience of both using and selling test equipment.

"I feel that every aspect of my industry experience can benefit me in this new role," explained Sullivan. "I'm looking forward to applying my existing knowledge and expanding it as I engage with OEMs in the UK."

Stephen Skinner
Account Manager, Stephen Skinner, has spent his entire career in the telecommunications industry and played an integral role in the expansion of the UK's networks. Having moved to a technical sales position in the mid-nineties, Skinner is experienced in supporting both major clients and internal account management teams. More recently, Skinner has been responsible for the sales of T&M equipment from major manufacturers, joining Electro Rent as a specialist in both technical
sales and account management.

"This will be familiar territory for me and so I know I'll be able to provide the best service from day one," said Skinner. "Both Mike and I are looking forward to working together in an industry we know, with customers we know we can help."

"With a wider range of up-to-date test equipment in stock, and flexible financial services at their disposal, we feel Mike and Stephen will provide our UK customers with the best possible service," added David Saeys. "Backed by our industry-leading business processes, and our enviable relationships with the industry's leading T&M manufacturers, Electro Rent Europe's UK office is ready for business."

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Shining a light on cyber security and 4G networks.

Industrial data communications specialist Westermo is embarking on a roadshow in Great Britain to highlight key data communication technological developments, with a particular emphasis on cyber security and the on-going 4G rollout. The events aim to help companies in the industrial sector to understand more about these technologies and how they will affect them in the future.

The free of charge half-day events are designed to provide those involved with installing and maintaining industrial networks with greater insight into cyber security and 4G as well as advice on how to maximise the benefits from these developments. They are being held at convenient venues across England and Scotland, this year including the Imperial War Museum at Duxford, Mercedes-Benz World and The National Space Centre.

Three in depth presentations will be given by Westermo experts at each of the autumn roadshows: best practice for secure industrial networks while taking in standards such as IEC 62443; utilising and taking advantage of the 4G rollout for remote access applications; getting the benefit of Westermo’s 40 years of industrial data communications expertise.

In addition to the presentations, the Westermo Mobile Training and Technology Centre will be present to allow attendees to see the technology in action, and members of Westermo’s technical support team will be available to provide expert advice.
The dates and venues are:
13th October         Imperial War Museum                      Duxford, Cambridgeshire
15th October         The National Space Centre              Leicester
21st October          Lancashire County Cricket Club      Old Trafford, Manchester
22nd October         Pontefract Racecourse                    Wakefield, West Yorkshire
27th- October        Thistle Hotel                                     Dyce, Aberdeen
28th October          Hilton Strathclyde Hotel                  Bellshill, North Lanarkshire
29th October          Durham County Cricket Club          Riverside, Durham
5th November        Cheltenham Racecourse                Gloucestershire
11th November      Mercedes-Benz World                    Brooklands, Surrey

These events are always popular and early registration is strongly advised.

Slim DIN Rail PSUs.

Stadium Power has introduced two new high efficiency, slim-line DIN rail mounted power supplies.
The highly-efficient 120W DIN-120 and 240W DIN-240 units provide a single output of either 24 or 48VDC and are aimed at industrial  applications, including  process control and building automation, where the space used by the power supply on the DIN rail needs to be minimised.  Their narrow width offers system integrators useful space savings with the DIN-120 and DIN-240 being just 32mm and 45mm wide respectively.

Both models have built in current sharing to support 1+1 or N+1 redundant system configuration, providing a simple path to upgrading OEM designs from a single to redundant power solution.
The units have a wide operating temperature range of -25C to +70C and a typical efficiency rating up to 91%. The resultant reduction in internal heat generation simplifies thermal management for the system builder.

The DIN-120 and DIN-240 power supplies are capable of providing a 150% peak load capacity ensuring systems are capable of handling load power surges safely.
Other key features include:
  • Built-in active PFC with power factor >0.95
  • Excellent Partial Load Efficiency
  • Suitable for critical applications
  • 3 years warranty

Other products available from Stadium Power include; LED power supplies and DALI drivers, commercial and MIL-STD EMC filters, plug-top and open frame medical power supplies for portable and system use, DC-DC converters, AC-DC power supplies from 5-1500W, battery chargers and EN54 Fire and Security power supplies offering the industry standard 13.8Vdc and 27.6Vdc outputs.

Semi-flexible cables.

The Cable Assembly division of Intelliconnect (Europe) Ltd, can now provide customers with its own brand of semi-flexible 0.085” (I405) and 0.141” (I402) cables designed to compete with Multiflex, T-Flex and Flexiform cables and suitable for industrial, security and test system applications

Intelliconnect semi-flexible cables offer a lighter, more flexible alternative to semi-rigid types making system assembly and interconnection easier. Any small reductions in performance compared with semi-rigid cables are more than compensated for by competitive pricing and compatibility with standard semi-rigid cable connectors.

Similar to TFLEX 402/405, the Intelliconnect “Spiral Strip” shielded coaxial cables are flexible alternatives to semi-rigid coax and the unique shielding configuration offers a cost effective, low attenuation option. The use of strip/round braid composite shields results in low transfer impedance levels.

The 50 ohm construction exhibits the same attenuation characteristics as M17/130-RG402 and M17/133-RG405 cables. All the Intelliconnect Spiral Strip Shield coaxial cables have VSWR characteristics that meet or exceed similar size flexible constructions. The I402 and I405 cable types have been designed with diameters over the outer braids of 0.141” and 0.086” and have an operating temperature range of -55 to +200°C

Roy Phillips, Managing Director of Intelliconnect, comments, "Having our own brand of semi-flexible cables continues our aim of providing high-quality, competitively priced RF and waterproof connectors, cables and cable assemblies with assured sources of supply. We will continue to invest to ensure we have the products our customers require and maintain the product quality and customer service that we are reknown for."

In addition to custom cable assemblies, including cryogenic cables, Intelliconnect (Europe) Ltd manufactures a wide range of standard and custom RF connectors and components, including waterproof and fast turnaround custom designs which are undertaken without NRE charges to their customers. Intelliconnect also manufacture a large range of coaxial adaptors to facilitate inter-series connection and gender change etc.  Typical applications include aerospace, marine, oil and gas, medical and general microwave markets.

Component website reconstructed!

Foremost Electronics has just launched its completely rebuilt website. The company represents a number of key manufacturers of components for the electronics industry including MEC, Binder, ELMA, Pentair Schroff and Pentair Hoffman and FCT.

The new website provides visitors with simple navigation around a broad range of widely used electro-mechanical components including switches, connectors, cabinets, enclosures and handles, control knobs, thermal fuses and optoelectronics. Foremost are also a supplier of joysticks and controllers for both OEM and stand-alone applications. Customers are provided with direct access from the new website to specifications and downloadable data sheets from original manufacturer’s sources.

Alan Cook, Managing Director of Foremost Electronics commented; “After twenty five years of effort we have a very well established place in the UK electronic component distribution market and are making inroads into some very specialised new market areas. This has been made possible by knowing our strengths and our place in the market, offering incomparable customer service and having the wholehearted support of fifteen excellent members of staff whose hard work has helped us achieve our goals. Without them we would not be where we are today."

Foremost serve a wide number of diverse markets from industrial, instrumentation, audio/broadcast, rail, medical to education.

Enclosure compliant with the embeddedNUC™ standard.

enclosures4U s now stocking the revolutionary Schroff embeddedNUC™ case which features an innovative “Flexible Heat Conductor” (FHC) integrated cooling solution and is compatible with 1U embedded NUC* enclosures.

Microprocessor based systems continue to get smaller, more powerful and more economical bringing about new processing solutions including Intel's “Next Unit of Computing” (NUC) system. This system, developed for consumer applications, combines many PC functions on a small baseboard, approximately 10 x 10 cm in size.

To extend the benefits of this system to industrial applications a specific embeddedNUC™ standard has been established. The standard takes into account the interfaces relevant to industrial applications, the long-term availability of processors and other electronic components and failsafe, fan-less conduction cooling. Small and powerful PC units can now be used as decentralised control and monitoring units in automation systems.

enclosures4u now offers the Pentair-Schroff first ever compact enclosure compliant with the new standard, featuring an integrated cooling solution for PCB top side cooling which can expand and contract vertically to compensate for tolerances and optimise surface contact and provide thermal dissipation up to 15W.

The specification defines not only the electronic parameters concerning connectors, power supply, interfaces etc. but also mechanical aspects such as the size of the board (101.60 x 101.60 mm) with the fixing holes and the heights and positions of the electronic components on the front and rear sides of the board. The basic dimensions (width and depth) of a case are determined by the board size. The height of the case remains variable, since it has to be adapted to the height of the electronic components and to the conduction cooling. Similarly, cut out locations on the front or rear of the case for connectors etc. remain undefined as these depend on the application. The defined temperature range for operation lies between 0 and +60 °C or extended from -40 to 85°C.

The new embeddedNUC™ enclosure is based on the Schroff Interscale platform of cases. It consists of just three parts (body, top cover and front panel) and offers standard platform flexibility in dimensions, cut-outs, colours and printing etc. The IP30 rated EMC-shielded case is simple to assemble and is fixed in place with just two screws. Heat sinks for conduction cooling are integrated in the top cover. Pentair has developed and patented special thermally conductive elements in metal to transfer the heat from the processors to the case surface. These elements are variable in height so that they can stay in constant contact with processors of different heights. The dissipated heat is transferred consistently by conduction to the heat sinks and then passed to the environment by means of convection and radiation. Another benefit of direct heat dissipation is better processor performance and higher clock speeds.

• * NUC Standard specification on the SGET site.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Robust pattern recognition and pose estimation.

Stemmer Imaging is extending its machine vision software library Common Vision Blox (CVB) with the new CVB Polimago tool, which enables robust recognition rates at high speed. During the teaching phase, CVB Polimago automatically generates thousands of training images thus significantly reducing the effort for the user.

Pattern recognition is one of the major tasks in machine vision and is used in a variety of applications. The proper and robust functioning of pattern recognition largely depends on the variability of the teaching model. If geometrical transformations such as rotation, size changes and tilting as well as changes in illumination have not been taught during the teaching phase the recognition rate decreases in a later stage of the process. So far, the effort for the user has been significantly high in teaching variable training images as all kinds of geometrical transformations are supposed to be integrated in order to obtain a complete training set.

Stemmer’s CVB Polimago tool for pattern recognition saves its users a lot of time during the teaching phase: the algorithm generates artificial views of the model to simulate various positions of a component in real life. In this way the algorithm is able to learn the variability of the corresponding pattern which enables a reliable identification of the training image at a higher recognition rate even in different views. That is what makes CVB Polimago especially suitable for pattern recognition, pose estimation and object tracking.

The new CVB tool is offered as a module of the existing Common Vision Blox library and in addition to the improved teaching phase, allows a very high speed of execution enabling its use in real time applications. The seamless integration into the existing Common Vision Blox software portfolio makes it simple for those users who are already familiar with using CVB tools for pattern recognition. New users will also be able to quickly use CVB Polimago thanks to numerous application and programme examples.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Cellebrating and continuing 100 years of innovation!

Yokogawa Electric Corporation has created a corporate brand slogan to encourage the joint pursuit of activities with its customers that will create value and foster growth. The global launch of this new slogan, Co-innovating tomorrow, is September 1, the 100th anniversary of Yokogawa’s founding.

About the corporate brand slogan
The decision to create this new slogan has its origins in dramatic shifts in the company’s business environment that are the result of globalisation, the transition to a multipolar world order, and the industry changes that are accompanying the increasing integration of things and information. In response, Yokogawa has drawn up a long-term business framework and formulated a vision statement that reads, Through “Process co-innovation”, Yokogawa creates new value with its clients for a brighter future. Yokogawa is now accelerating its efforts to bring about a transformation that will allow the company to sustain growth for another 100 years. To share the essence of this vision statement with stakeholders and encourage all employees to join forces in the pursuit of this initiative, Yokogawa has established the corporate brand slogan of Co-innovating tomorrow.

About Co-innovating
The term Co-innovating conveys Yokogawa’s determination to engage in the co-creation of value through the development of solutions in long-term partnerships with clients. tomorrow expresses the company’s resolve to move steadily into the future one step at a time.
Under this new slogan, Yokogawa seeks to establish even stronger bonds of trust with its customers by working with them to create value and stimulate growth.

About Process Co-Innovation
Process Co-Innovation is a concept for an automation business that will utilise all of Yokogawa’s measurement, control, and information technologies. According to this concept, Yokogawa will seek not only to optimise production processes but also the flow of material and information within and between companies, including their value and supply chains. This concept will encompass the entire range of Yokogawa solutions and will entail a commitment to working with clients to create new value on their behalf.