Monday, 10 August 2015

Automation Services: Trends and Developments!

Automation Services are growing in importance to end users because many of them lack experienced internal resources. Services also offer an excellent opportunity to suppliers and OEMs to grow their business and improve client relationships. Still, throughout the value chain, from suppliers to end users, there is a considerable lack of benchmarks and guidelines.

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While ARC Advisory Group has conducted research on Automation Services for many years, they now want to increase our efforts with a broad scale online survey. This will accompany our extensive quantitative research to better understand automation related services provided by the suppliers as well as OEMs and third parties.

The survey is designed for suppliers, OEMs, SIs & EPCs, and end users of automation equipment. It contains different set of questions for each group.

Privacy is assured, and identification of participants will not be released to others. Total responses are accumulated with others to chart the results and only aggregated information will be published.

Suppliers will be supported by an overview of the market and what their counterparts are doing. End user will be supported with KPIs and trends from their peers. All participants receive a FREE summary of the key findings.

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