Monday, 10 August 2015

Measuring very small pressures!

The new Type 601A miniature pressure sensor from Kistler Instruments, available in both charge output and voltage (IEPE) output types, is ideally suited to a wide variety of dynamic pressure measurement applications. The high sensitivity of the unique PiezoStar® crystal developed by Kistler, much higher than that possible with quartz, allows small pressure fluctuations which are superimposed on static pressures to be measured with exceptional resolution.

In addition to the high sensitivity and small size, the charge output version has an extremely wide operating temperature range from -196 to + 350°C at pressures up to 250 bar. The 601A also benefits for a high natural frequency (>215kHz), making it an ideal solution for applications with dynamic pressure events.

The diaphragm design is optimised for applications where the pressure measurement is simultaneously accompanied by high temperature transients such as in testing of closed vessels, airbags, pyrotechnics etc. The new sensors are available in standard (37.65mm overall) and short (14.85mm overall) welded, hermetically sealed housings.

Typical applications include pressure pulsation on pumps and compressors and dynamic measurements on pyrotechnic devices.

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