Tuesday, 18 August 2015

PROFINET conformity declaration for connectivity products!

Harting has issued a conformity declaration which certifies that its new connectivity products conform with the current Cabling and Interconnection Guidelines for the PROFINET Industrial Ethernet system.

With a market share of around one third of all Industrial Ethernet applications and over 10 million PROFINET nodes installed worldwide, PROFINET is one of the most successful Industrial Ethernet systems.

The new conformity declaration certifies that all existing and new products for Ethernet applications from Harting conform with the requirements for the use of PROFINET. The new products which extend the PROFINET Portfolio include the entire preLink® cabling system, the M12 “Press and Go” connector and the new X-coded M12 plug.

preLink® creates a modular Ethernet cabling system in which cable and connector are conveniently divided into two independent and continually reusable components. M12 “Press and Go” is a ready-assembled connection of cable and connector without overmoulding. It makes the PROFINET capable M12 connector suitable for quick and easy assembly and delivery in all desired lengths. The new X-coded M12, with a transfer rate of Category 6A and transfer class EA, is the ideal solution for high-speed Ethernet systems including PROFINET installations.

With PROFINET conformity, Harting enables its Industrial Ethernet customers to take a major step on the way to the smart factory and then to Industry 4.0:

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