Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Two factor authentication!

The 2-factor authentication prevents hackers from using stolen passwords to gain access to remote PLCs and machine networks. The new version of eCatcher, the eWON remote access VPN software, includes 2FA in order to protect the connection identity. It requires both "something you know" and "something you have": the combination of login credentials and a security code texted to the user’s phone. Start right now and add this security layer to your company´s account today!

eWON says that more than 5,000 users have successfully started using their 2-factor authentication which was released at the beginning of 2015.
eCatcher is a software for eWon industrial routers , that allows you to access your machines remotely, using your preferred PLC software environment.
This new security feature is aimed at protecting our customers from unauthorized access to their account and machine information.

Flexy is the first industrial modular M2M
router and data gateway designed for
OEMs and system integrators
When security matters
Security concerns ripple through the automation industry. Attackers are always looking for ways to compromise valuable data and 76% of network intrusions exploited weak or stolen credential. Moreover, 62% of IP breaches in the manufacturing, services and technology industries involved stolen credentials, according to DBRI*. This is where the two factor authentication (2FA) comes into play.

2FA? What for?
The two factor authentication is a secure identification mechanism combining two different components for unambiguous authentication. In other words: it adds an extra step to the login procedure. It is based on the principle that an unauthorized actor is unlikely to be able to supply both factors required for access. While it is not new technology – banking institutions and many other firms and services are developing it to protect their users - , eWON is the first industrial communication company to add this new security layer to its customer accounts!

• For more than 15 years now, eWON has helped machine builders, OEMs and system integrators with secure PLC remote access for maintenance and diagnostics purposes. Security is at the forefront of eWON remote access strategy due to Internet-based attacks.

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