Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Simplifying power quality and maximising versatility!

The PowerLogic PM8000 series meter has been launched by Schneider Electric. It’s a highly accurate, extremely reliable power and energy meter combining accurate three phase energy and power measurements with data logging, power quality analysis and alarms.

Survey data suggests that power quality related financial losses add up to more than 150 billion annually across the EU. To combat this energy waste, the PM8000 series meters have been manufactured on the company’s patented ION technology platform, providing a compact and cost-effective solution for your energy infrastructure.

Native support for StruxureWare Power Monitoring Expert and PowerSCADA Expert software applications lets you realise the full potential of the PowerLogic PM8000 series through enhanced reporting and data visualisation tools. The PM8000 is ideal for low to high voltage applications and particularly in industrial and critical power facilities.
Key features of the PM8000 include:
  • ION technology – uses building block approach for extensive customisation to address advanced monitoring and control applications
  • Disturbance direction detection – enabled by default to determine the location of a power system disturbance, which would appear on the meter’s event log
  • Setpoint Learning - Detect disturbances or values that are outside of a defined acceptable range.
  • Revenue grade metering with power quality features - The high level of accuracy, plus PQ functionality, makes this meter ideal as the main meter for smaller power monitoring systems, and widely used for critical circuits in larger systems 

“The PM8000 is the latest addition of game-changing energy management products to the PowerLogic range and typifies Schneider Electric’s focus on building innovative solutions to customer energy challenges. The PM8000 is the new power monitoring workhorse, making power quality easier to understand, unifying metering and logging of all utilities, and making data both fast to access and more actionable for organisations looking to maximise the value from their energy expenditure,” said Pat O’Neill, Business Development Power Monitoring Manager, Schneider Electric.

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