Monday 22 July 2013

Optimising HVAC/R systems

When summer heat hits, HVAC/R systems need to operate at peak efficiency

With the summer heat, HVAC/R systems should be tuned-up to run at maximum efficiency to avoid wasting energy, system downtime, and expensive emergency maintenance. An efficient way to start is to make a quick visual inspection of the system with a visual IR thermometer to identify potential issues that need further investigation.

The Fluke® VT02 Visual IR Thermometer, a troubleshooting camera with an infrared heat map, combines the convenience of a single-spot IR thermometer with the visual insight of an infrared camera. The thermal heat map quickly detects the exact location of potential problem areas and gives you context with your findings.

Troubleshooting HVAC/R systems is much faster with the VT02 than an infrared thermometer. The VT02 instantly detects problems using blended thermal heat map and digital images. It displays and saves images as full visual, full infrared, or in three blended modes (25, 50, and 75%). Markers pinpoint hot and cold spots indicating the hottest temperature with a red box and the coldest with a blue box. A temperature reading is provided at the centre point. Images are saved to the micro-SD card, eliminating the need to write down single or multiple measurements.

Affordable, compact, and intuitive, the Fluke VT02 operates with focus-free simplicity, expanding the user base from senior to junior technicians. Images from the VT02 can be imported into SmartView® analysis and reporting software, included with the VT02, to produce professional reports that document problems detected or repairs made for management and customer review.

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