Friday 5 July 2013

Speeding up of MES project timelines

Pre-configured PAS-X content "Out of the Box"

Werum Software and Systems offers content packages for its customers "Out of the Box" to enable best practice based configuration of the PAS-X software.

When setting up PAS-X, the customer no longer needs to start with an empty application, but can instead utilize pre-configured content targeted to the specific processes of pharma and biotech companies. The new content packages, with their GMP-compliant templates, ensure an easy setup of the system and speed up the overall project timeline. They are based on the best practices of Werum customers and driven by the PAS-X User Community PFU.

Torsten Isenberg
PAS-X Rights and Roles Content Package
One of these Content Packages is the PAS-X User Rights and Roles Content Package. It is available for the configuration of PAS-X user rights based on global profiles targeted to GMP compliance and pharmaceutical manufacturing. The already included user profiles, with predefined rights, are designed for defined roles in a GMP organization. Examples include Shop Floor Operator or MBR Designer. These roles can be combined with each other, if needed. In line with Werum's project experiences, the "descriptive names" of the profiles make it clear which user these roles are targeted to.

"The pre-configured content along with supporting consulting services clearly defines a new standard and facilitates harmonization in the industry" says Torsten Isenberg, Director Head of Department Consulting & Training, Werum Software & Systems AG.

The User Rights and Roles Content Package considerably simplifies the configuration and maintenance of PAS-X's highly flexible user rights capability. Based on the clear and well-structured documentation of the rights and profiles, system administrators and project team members can save up to 95 % of the time usually required for the initial configuration and testing of rights.

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