Wednesday 24 July 2013

Flexible Frequency Testing!

The Matrix Gemini Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) from Autoscribe allows laboratories to accommodate a very flexible testing regime. The frequency testing feature of Matrix Gemini allows complete flexibility in the setting of the frequency with which each test should be performed on a particular product type. Some tests may be required for every sample, while other tests may only be needed for every second or third sample registered, for example. Allocating individual test frequencies is made possible since each time a product sample is registered in the system a counter is incremented on the appropriate specification record for the type of product.

The system also offers further options to provide even greater flexibility. For example it is possible to ensure that the first ‘n’ samples registered for a new substance are registered with the full complement of tests before reduced testing begins. Full testing can also be specified if it is more than ‘n’ days since the last sample of this type was registered. Similarly full testing can be requested after ‘n’ samples of a product have been registered.
These further options also allow the allocation of special “Force” test types to the testing regime. These tests that have been marked as being “Force” type tests would not normally be involved in the reduced testing schedule. The addition of these tests allows the product occasionally to be submitted to more rigorous testing.

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