Wednesday 31 July 2013

Feeling the heat for charity!

A team of keen runners from VEGA UK went to Germany as one of 4 British entries to compete in the WIKA relay marathon on July 26th with over 160 teams involved. Each team of 7 runners completed a 6km (3.75m) cross country course, up hill and down dale. This year the temperature was the biggest challenge, it got up to 40°C and many competitors certainly felt the heat!

As the first time of competition for VEGA UK, whilst the overall result wasn't what they hoped for, the fund raising was superb - with staff, family and friends donating over £600. They certainly hope to return and improve on it next year! Fellow competitors, JWF Instrumentation in Glasgow, who were the fastest of the UK representatives, have agreed to match the amount raised for the national Anthony Nolan Trust and a local children’s hospice charity too!

So, following a very enjoyable weekend, the VEGA UK team would like to thank all the organisers at WIKA, colleagues in VEGA Germany, fellow competitors and donators for all their help in making the event happen, support and raising money for Charity.

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