Friday 5 July 2013

Valves can operate in closed media circuits

For water, air and neutral media 

The valve VZWF is one of a number of new Festo process solutions that now gives customers a one-stop-shop for Festo high productivity and quality automated systems. Festo’s process offerings also include ball, butterfly, and gate valves, and associated automated controls.

Festo has introduced the VZWF valve, a force pilot operated solenoid valve that can be used with water, air, and neutral media. This new valve utilises relatively small solenoids to control high pressures with large nominal diameters. The units can switch at pressures as low as zero bar and close automatically in the case of a pressure loss in the circuit. These valves can be applied in closed media circuits.

The VZWF series is suitable for applications in which the medium can be vented downstream of the valve into the atmosphere or a tank. The VZWF is used for gaseous and liquid material flows up to a maximum viscosity of 22 mm²/s. Actuation is supported by the pressure of the medium, which enables smaller coils to be used with lower power requirements to open the valve.

Applications for the VZWF valve include: filling systems (secondary circuit), water treatment, pipeline construction, steam boiler construction, liquid gas installations, hot water applications, heating circuits, power plant systems, petrochemical industry, pump systems, storage tank installations, and pneumatic automation systems.

“Gas and liquid valve solutions expand Festo’s process offering that already include lines of ball, butterfly, and gate gas only valves and automated controls,” says Steve Land, process industry segment manager, Festo. “Process valves provide OEMs and end users the convenience, quality, and dependability of a one-stop-shop for both discrete and process automation solutions from Festo. And Festo offers a host of online productivity tools that speed up time to market.”

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