Wednesday 31 July 2013

Certification ensures a high level of expertise in the buildings management!

ControlMaestro™, the ELUTIONS’ Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition solution installed in many monitoring and control applications in the Building Management field, has been recognised as BACnet Advanced operator WorkStation (B-AWS) according to the BACnet 09 version test procedure of the BTL/WSPCert accredited laboratory.

Related to the new ControlMaestro 2013 version released this month, this Certification provides further proof of the software’s robustness and strengthens the ELUTIONS’ position in the SCADA market for building automation monitoring and control as well as their intelligent and efficient management.

In a constantly changing market more and more driven by standards and safety aspects, the ControlMaestro technological innovations enable it to provide answers in a meaningful way and to keep ahead of its competitors while providing open connectivity and supporting all common communication protocols. ControlMaestro is also compliant with the FDA21 CFR Part 11 standard for information systems security.

"Member of the BACnet Interest Group (BIG-EU), we are closely monitoring developments in the BACnet protocol that include all the features that may be encountered in the BMS space and that are constantly evolving to meet the field’s requirements.", explains Didier Pedreno, Technical Manager at ELUTIONS.

Thanks to this interoperable open protocol and to the easy configuration of all devices existing on the network(s) as well as the ability to natively access all the properties of a BACnet object without any additional tools, ControlMaestro 2013 offers maximum flexibility and optimal management of operations by enabling products and various intelligent vendor systems to exchange different data types (temperature, instructions, schedules, alerts, etc.) while increasing equipment performance. SCADA operations are easily accessible. Data sharing, scheduling, alarming and trending services are fully integrated within the SCADA system.

In this context, ControlMaestro provides valuable benefits in terms of productivity, engineering, security, user mobility and integration of third party systems.
Beyond the technical aspects, ControlMaestro also offers many economic benefits allowing Real Estate owners and operators to reduce operating costs and save on maintenance costs with the additional possibility to integrate the complementary solution for the energy management: Maestro™.

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