Wednesday 10 July 2013

SCADA systems automate electrical distribution!

A white paper, SCADA Systems Automate Electrical Distribution, has been relaesed by Indusoft, that explains how utilities can improve operations while controlling costs.

Today’s electric utilities in both industrialized and developing nations must meet ever-increasing power demands while providing greater reliability – all from their existing facilities.

Many countries’ electric distribution providers face budget cuts that require them to do more with less, while others are in areas growing so fast that power demands are outpacing the ability to bring new distribution facilities online. Regardless of the situation, providing better service without substantial investments in new equipment is a challenge facing nearly all electric utilities.

By deploying a modern automation system, utilities can both improve performance and reliability without a huge financial investment. These systems also help automate operations for utilities facing staff reductions or difficulty in finding qualified personnel.

With an understanding of the unique needs of electric distribution providers, this non-commercial

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