Monday 15 July 2013

ISA President welcomes recognition for ISAT!

Last week we reported the high achievement of the learned journal published by ISA, ISA Transactions, The Journal of Automation. This remarkable achievement has now been commented upon by ISA President Terrence G Ives in an article on the Society's interactive news and information stream, ISA Interchange.

He points out that, "ISA’s reputation for providing automation professionals with the highest quality, unbiased technical information continues to grow!" He then goes on to outline just how extraordinary the achievement is in this area of learning. A former VP Publications in ISA described this publication as "the hidden treasure" of the Society's contribution to the automation sector and the citation from Thomas Reuter confirms its reputation outside the Society.

President Ives singles out the current editor for particular mention. "I want to take this opportunity to recognize Editor-in-Chief Ahmad Rad, Ph.D., his talented group of volunteer editors and editorial board members, and the many contributing authors and reviewers who are responsible for developing such a top-quality, well-regarded publication."

He goes on "Sometimes, it’s easy to take for granted all the great work that goes into ISA Transactions and ISA’s other bimonthly publication, InTech magazine, because they consistently furnish excellent content every two months. It’s important to pause and recognize the efforts and hard work that go into each edition."

An important fact, also not generally known, is that articles and papers from both publications form an important archive available free to members of the society. Admittedly these are not alway easy to access on the current website platform, which though state-of-the-art at the time of its inception has now become quite difficult to navigate. However Read-out has learned that a new platform is almost ready for launch and is due to be unveiled in the early Autumn.

In additional comments Vitor Finkel, a former ISA Vice President from Brazil in South America has commented, "Not only is ISAT a high reputation Journal, but it is probably the most "International" publication offered by ISA. Researchers and Professors from all around the World struggle to publish their findings in ISAT. Since the submissions received far superseded the available space in the Journal, a gauntlet filter has been imposed by the Editorial Advisory Board to select only the best quality papers. As a consequence, authors strive all the more to get published. Since 2012 ISAT is being published 6 times a year, (from traditional quarterly), to provide a better possibility for publication for authors and readers."

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